• She hasn't stopped the killings.

    Yes, Aung San Suu Kyi should be banned from the Presidency, because she has left people to suffer mercilessly. There have been problems with targeting of minority groups in the country. Kyi has just gone along with it. She would have had the power to protect these people, but she doesn't care to. She is not a good leader.

  • It's down to the people

    As someone who is not a Burmese citizen, it is not my right to say who should and should not be able to run for their presidency. If Aung San Suu Kyi wishes to try, and the people are happy to elect her, then I see no problem with it.

  • No, she's barred because she has foreign children- it's a rule drafted by the generals to keep her away from power.

    An incredibly disappointing concession to the Burmese military regime. The world had been hoping for Ms. Suu Kyi to carry the torch of freedom in Asia. Her picture and that of her father is framed behind the counter of just about every shop and restaurant you go to. She is an icon there and a symbol of the hopes many Burmese have for their future. So, yeah, she carries that torch, in her own country at least.

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