• I think banking fees are too high.

    I think banking fees are too high. Most banks charge extremely high overdraft fees, such as 35 dollars if you account is overdrawn. This is a very high penalty to pay in the even that your account is unintentionally overdrawn, which is a common occurrence for people that live on low incomes.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe banking fees are too high. Banks hold your money and use it to make interest, they shouldn't feel compelled to charge additional fees to make more money. I think banks are fee happy and I don't approve. I personally refuse to pay a monthly fee for checking, banks should be able to offer these services without charging a monthly fee.

  • Yes, banking fees are too high.

    I definitely think that banking fees are too high nowadays. A lot of people don't even realize how expensive some banking fees really are. Depending on the bank, some people are faced with ridiculous fees to just take money out from their banks. While others have to pay an expensive maintainence fee just for having their money in the bank;.

  • No, I don't think banking fees are too high.

    I think banking fees in general are quite low, most banks are quite clear in all the fees that they charge and will normally tell you ways on how to reduce the majority of them to zero, banks are much more interested in lending out and investing your deposits instead of making money through fees.

  • Banks need to make money

    Banking fees are generally only too high if a person has done something to trigger them, or has acted responsibly. A bank is, after all a business and expects to make money, so when a person encounters a fee there is generally a purpose. This is just in my experience.

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