• Barbara Walters is overpaid and overrated

    It is easy to understand that a media icon such as Barbara Walters is paid handsomely to perform in many news roles. Her work is exceptional. However, her work is not nearly as valuable as her income would suggest. She has become an icon in American journalism. Now she is just a face for hire. Networks pay her to ask the questions they want to hear. She is just the talking head, the real talent is behind the scenes. That is where that money should go.

  • Barbara Walters does not get paid too much.

    Barbara Walters makes a lot of money, but compared to other people in her industry, she doesn't make too much money. Barbara Walters Salary was reported to be 12 million dollars in 2007. Barbara Walters was a co-host on the show 20/20 for 20 years, prior to that she worked as a reporter, and currently she works on a show called the View. She is one of the most well known people in journalism and talk shows. In contrast Oprah Winfrey who has been in the business for much less time, makes much more money that Barbara Walters. Oprah's salary in 2013 was 75 million dollars. so this makes Barbara Walter's salary seem small in comparison.

  • She deserves it

    Everyone makes the argument that 'X makes as much as they should, they work hard!' Everyone works hard, thats not a very uncommon thing to really see. Still, people pay Walters that much because she is in demand and she is valued as such to the people that are viewing her.

  • No I don't think that Barbara Walters is paid too much.

    It is estimated that Barbara Walters earns approximately $4 million dollars consulting for ABC News and producing the daytime TV show 'The View.' Since the majority of her income is from a show she developed and produces her income is reasonable based upon the income of the show. In fact Ms. Walters' total net worth exceeds $150 million dollars.

  • A great anchor

    No, I do not think that she gets paid to much, because she is a very talented news anchor, and has been doing the news for a very long time, making her one of the best in the business. She is also on a very popular news show, with lots of viewers.

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