• She chose her own retirement age.

    Yes, I do. More importantly, Barbara Walters thinks she should retire. She's now 84 years old and has had an amazing career, not the least of which was creation of the long running ABC talk show The View. Her presence on daytime television, and her annual specials, will be missed.

  • Let Others Have A chance

    Barbara Walters is currently 84 years old, many years past the normal age of retirement, and she has spent her career reporting the news. I believe she should retire in order to let the next generation work in the field as she has. While her staying power is admirable, its stopping other people from moving up.

  • It's time for someone else.

    Yes, I think that Barbara Walters should retire, because there are many other good journalists that could step into her shoes. Barbara Walters told a compelling story without being too political. There are many young women that would be great at doing that. Walters should enjoy her retirement and give the younger generation a chance.

  • No, I don 't think Barbara Walters should retire.

    Barbara Walters is getting up there in age, but I think it is a person 's choice when and if they retire. I think has a profession she can still handle at her age. Some people still enjoy working after the
    usual retirement age. I also think people would miss her too much not seeing her on tv if she were to retire.

  • A great news anchor

    No, I do not think Barbara Walters should retire, because so far her age has not affected her work quality, or how she presents the news. Once she gets to where she can no longer report the news at a quality level, then she should retire and let someone else take over.

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