Do you think beauty contests are good for today's consumer-based economy?

  • Yes, beauty conteses are good for a consumer-based economy.

    Any competition that glorifies spending will help bolster the economy. Beauty contestants wear expensive dresses, bathing suits, makeup, and other accessories to help them look better than the other contestants. The glorification of these competitors leads to the consumers purchasing similar item in an attempt to replicate the beauty competitors.

  • There is no connection between the issues

    I don't believe that beauty contests truly have an impact on a consumer-based economy. Beauty pageants or other contests, while occasionally newsworthy, are nowhere close to as in the spotlight as celebrities. Often times, the winner of even a huge beauty pageant like Miss America is out of the limelight within days. They don't do nearly the advertising work as big name celebrities, they don't discuss who they are wearing or what brand their makeup is. I don't believe that beauty contests are good or bad for the economy as I don't believe they correlate.

  • I think beauty contests are good for today's consumer-based economy.

    I think beauty contests are good for today's consumer-based economy. Beauty is often used to market products, so beautiful models are used in picture ads by companies. Watching a beauty contest may establish standards for beauty which are then tied to consumer ads that have beautiful models that appear be using the product.

  • I believe that beauty contests are ruining our society.

    When people watch those models walk the runway in a dress with half of their back showing, they think, "I wish I was her, I would be so beautiful," So they go and get plastic surgeries and pluck their eyebrows off. People are judging others in how well they look in a skin tight dress or how well they can pin their hair up. Some people who watch Miss America and other pageants like that become depressed because they don't think that they are pretty. Well I think that everybody is pretty on the inside and we shouldn't have any more beauty pageants.

  • Beauty contests are not a good thing for our economy.

    In today's economy i don't think beauty contests are necessarily good. I think using a beauty contest as a way of promoting products is redundant. We have so many magazines and actors and actresses that we as a nation follow and obsess over that i think we all pretty have an idea of what we want to try an use. A beauty contest in the sense of helping girls with scholarships and promoting those organizations that they support has a benefit but I think those things are addressed in other organizations. I think it is more of a detriment to other women who are under the impression that the size and shape of beauty contestants is the norm. and not the ideal.

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