Do you think beauty contests promote healthy body images in young girls?

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  • Beauty contests do not promote healthy body images.

    No, beauty contests do not promote a healthy body image in young girls and teenagers. Beauty contests give them an unrealistic view of what beauty really is. The women that participate in beauty contests are often heavily modified, having fake teeth to create a perfect smile, hair extensions to make their hair appear fuller, etc., and that is not realistic.

  • No they don't

    No, they do not they are promoting vanity and that life is all about looks. You can't have beauty and brains is what they state basically. When in all reality a man would rather have a woman with brains ans smarts than beauty. If you have beauty it won't last forever.

  • No, beauty contests give young girls an unrealistic body image goals

    Today's society covets body image measurements that are unhealthy and dangerous for young women. The expectation of beauty contests to have women all meet certain physical requirements can lead to self starvation to become thinner and depression when young women cannot achieve these goals. Young women are vulnerable to society's unrelenting demand that they conform to a so called "universally admired measurement" to feel attractive.

  • Distorts Healthy Images

    Beauty contests promote eating disorders and unhealthy images of young girls' bodies. Beauty pageants for girls focus too much on outer beauty rather than intellectual prowess and inner light. Instead of beauty pageants, young girls should do things like study math and science so they can better their lives and get ready for college.

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