• Beauty pageants do exploit children.

    Beauty pageants are teaching children as young as 2 or younger that you need massive amounts of make up & little tight clothing to beautiful. NO! Children should be getting a proper education working on socializing skills and be playing in the backyard, these girls are going to grow up believing life is a competition and to judge other girls on how they look ect! All im saying is these mothers need to raise a child not use them like a little dolly.

  • Child pageants are disgusting and inappropriate.

    What you see on the stage of a child beauty pageant are the hopes and dreams of the parent, usually the mother. That child is being used as nothing more than a dress up dolly for Mommy to play with. It's sick. And if you've seen some of audience members at these pageants, you might also question why Mommy so desperately wants to show off her dolly to a room full of creepy pedophiles.

  • Yes they do.

    Child beauty pageants absolutely exploit children. At the young age that most children are introduced to the beauty pageant world they are not able to decide if this is what they really want. All to often it is the parents that are making them do it. Then they are exposed to a world where beauty is everything. This is exploitation!

  • Many beauty pagents exploit children

    I can not say that all beauty pageants are guilty of exploiting children, but many of them do. They dress little girls in outfits with wigs and makeup to look like adults. They parade them around in swimsuits or scantily clad outfits while doing "cute" tricks and performances. Unfortunately, not only are the pageants guilty of exploitation the parents that push there children through these events just as bad. Some go so far as to live their dreams at the cost of and through their children.

  • Beauty pageants do exploit children.

    Beauty pageants do exploit children. A lot of the children that we see at beauty pageants are only there because the parents forced them to and this is wrong. If the child wants to participate in the pageant then I am all for it. However, most cases are the parents wanting their child to be in the spotlight. Also the amount of money spent on the child will always exceed the amount of the award of first place.

  • Most children enjoy them.

    No, I do not think that beauty pageants exploit children, because for the most part, beauty pageants are where children like to dress up and have fun. It is parents who go crazy with any activity, not just beauty pageants, that exploit people. But with a good parent, a pageant can be taken for what it is and can be a good experience for the child.

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