Do you think being a bystander is a selfish act ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • It really depends on the situation

    In most cases, yes, it is selfish to not help. Think about it: If that was you or a family member, wouldn't you want someone to help? For example, if someone was lying on the ground bleeding, would you call 9-1-1? Or would you stand there and not do anything? If you do call emergency services, but you think it's a murder, you have to protect yourself so no one comes after YOU. So yes, it depends on the situation at hand.

    When a kid is being bullied, it is the teacher's job to step in and help. The other students need to be protected too, and if the bully has a weapon or is bigger, why would a sane person try to jump in and help? Safety is important!!

  • It surely is a selfish act.

    No one is obliged to risk anything they value in order to benefit others, unless they have legal responsibilities, such as responsibilities of parents; however, if you consider yourself as a part of the society, being a bystander is a selfish act, especially when your small action can have a significant influence in a way that is beneficial to the society. Being a bystander is an act of refusing to devote, or sacrifice something that you possess for a better outcome of the incident you encounter, and it means you are refusing to take the opportunity to bring benefits to a society at the expense of a relatively small amount of resources, and I think this is why being a bystander is often blamed, or should be blamed by the society.

  • Yes it is sadly

    Bystanders usually do not want to get involved in situations that does not concern them and will avoid putting themselves in danger if possible. We do have a smaller percentage of people who will take action if someone is in trouble, and there should be more people doing this. At least calling the police would help. I know people are not obligated to help out, but I wonder how many bystanders go home thinking how he or she could have helped out in a bad situation.

  • It's unfair for victims

    Don't you feel guilty when somebody is being bullied?I think bystander is a selfish act.If students have potential to help the victims then they should help them but not just standing beside there.If you are being bullied i guarantee you would wish to have somebody who protect you.Nobody would like ignorance.

  • It's not always the bystander's fault.

    Sometimes student may not be able to step in for various reasons (mental health issues) or simply a bystander may not be able to resolve the issue. Sometimes, it simply can't be down to the bystander to sort it out, the bully should be sorting themselves out, not a bystander

  • Really does depend....

    Personally I don't think that being a bystander is selfish because the definition of being a bystander does not mention a person not helping. Although the main point of the definition is defining a bystander as being an onlooker or spectator, it does not say that they can't help from a distance. For example is it selfish to put every ones life before the life of one? For example say someone had fallen into a pit of acid and the only way to help was to pull them out knowing that you too would sustain acidic burns, honestly would you help? No matter what you think the physiological effect that your brain has on you would cause you not to help in 99.9% of cases. On top of that when you are in a crowd of people and something happens the first thing you will think is something along the lines of "they will help him/her so I won't have to." Even after you have decided to help, the time it took for you to decide to help may have resulted in help being too late, henceforth making you a bystander for a few seconds. Therefor bystanders are not selfish and are in the fact the opposite, by allowing others, who they believe more experienced, to help.

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