Do you think Bernie Sanders can win the backing of Donald Trump's followers?

  • Yes, Donald Trump followers will turn to supporting Bernie Sanders when the elections become more finalized.

    Yes, current followers of Donald Trump will most likely turn to back Bernie Sanders out of any other candidates as the run for the 2016 presidency becomes closer. Donald Trump is an outlandish speaker and character, and has begun to lose popularity with the voting population. Bernie Sanders can also be outspoken, a quality Trump followers seem to enjoy, but also more knowledgeable about the political system; voters want to feel confident in their choice for president more so than hearing crazy remarks from a unique character.

  • Hardly, not happening.

    In my opinion that is not a possible outcome . I mean Bernie sanders does put a nice fight against Donald Trump , but there is no real competition against him. I guess we will have to wait and see for the final results. Personally i do not support any of them.

  • Nope, these are very different groups of people

    While Sanders is correct in assessing which core problem of today's US society (huge income inequality) Trump has (miss)used to bolster his campaign, I'd say that he is way too optimistic when he thinks that those who have succumbed to Trumps "Islamophobic" and "Latinophobic" warmongering and ranting can be reverted by logic and calm reason to the real core problem. People who willingly place themselves into the "They took 'er jobs!" mob and focus all their anger at immigrants and minorities, do not have the mindset and capacity to rise above that misleading smokescreen and truly devote to essential class (not ethnic) fight against the superrich neo-con neo-lib capitalist parasites that are the real enemy here (and everywhere else on the planet, for that matter).

  • It will never happen.

    The two people are fundamentally different. Their opinions on the issues, thus the supporters opinions on the issues are too different. I don't see them ever finding common ground at all. Unless there is a drastic change in one of their policies I don't think this is likely to happen.

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