• Sanders Knows the Right Path

    After the multilaterally destructive first years of this century under George W. Bush, the last thing the US needs is for his cousin to continue the rotten dynasty. The Internet has been vital in the majority of the population of America and the rest of the world becoming better informed on the machinations behind politics, and the 99% want no more of it. Between, or indeed way past, Hillary or Jed, Bernie Sanders has the wisdom to judge well and the experience to do it with integrity.

  • Bernie Sanders does not stand out

    Bernie Sanders does not stand out as a good candidate for president. I don't see any way in which he is different from Hilary Clinton. Although I won't vote for either of them, the field is wide open, and the 2016 race is due to be a hotly contested one.

  • Make this man president!

    He needs to win this thing. Hes a great candidate. My number ine thing is campaign finance reform and getting miney out of politica which bernie sanders has made his mission even going so far as to refuse any corporate campaign donations. That is a good candidate i really am hoping for this one.

  • It is hard to say

    It is honeslty so hard to say with anyone running anymore. You would like to think the only reason someone would run is for love of the country and an honest desire to turn it around. However it has become a popularity contest and a ticket into becoming a celebrity and rich. It depends on where his heart trulely at.

  • No! His views are way too socialistic.

    Sanders would be a nightmare for this country. Take his free college education policy. Sure you can go to school for free, but you will not receive a quality education. There would be no incentive for colleges (producers) to provide their students (consumers) with a quality education. If you own a business and have to start providing your services for free, then why would you even want to stay in business? You wouldnt, which would then reduce the quality of that service. People need to seriously think about the consequences of his policies before viewing them as a legitimate, beneficial solutions to this countrys issues.

  • No, Bernie Sanders is not a good candidate to run for Presdident.

    Everybody, including Bernie Sanders, knows he cannot win the Presidency. He can't even win the democratic nomination. He is only running to have his concerns talked about. It is very self-centered and wastes everybody's time including, and most importantly, the people of the United States. He should stop now and save us all, including himself, a bunch of time.

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