Do you think Bernie Sanders is too old to be President of the United States?

Asked by: tommytom
  • Please Step Aside

    Sanders may have the fortitude to attempt to unite these states of America within his first year of office, should he be elected. But, realistically, how stable would his health remain throughout the many obstacles he faces in order to do so? Can his doctors offer any guarantees to us?

  • One trick pony

    Only argument is campaign reform and break up the big banks. Those arguments are value and extremely important and most important, but there's more to running a country than those two issues. I think with Sen. Sanders as POTUS there would be more nothing being done or chaos. The right wants their way and the left wants theirs. No compromise.

  • With old age comes wisdom

    He is the only honest candidate. He doesn't hold back or speak in vagueness like all the other candidates. He has the support of the people and not the corporations. He wants to model America on the Scandinavian countries which currently have the best quality of living. America MUST vote for Sanders if they want to be saved!

  • Age is irrelevant.

    So far, Bernie Sanders has been a consistent politician for more than 40 years. He has very little signs of giving up on becoming president, and his campaign seems to be about the people, as opposed to him. Although his health is what might concerns people more than his age.

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