Do you think Bernie Sanders' plan will improve the health care system of the United States?

  • At what cost?

    There's no doubt Bernie Sanders' health care plan will help, more people getting the treatment they need, but at what cost? How much will the average tax payer have to fork over for systems they might not use as much. For better or worse, the American economy can't sustain a federal mandated system.

  • Bernie Sanders' plan will definitely improve the U.S. health care system

    I fully support Bernie Sanders' plan for health care. The current health care system spends too much too get far too little. A significant number of Americans do not have health insurance, and millions of Americans who do have health care insurance are unhappy with the coverage. Sanders believes that health care is a human right and his plan will provide quality health insurance to all Americans.

  • Yes, one payer system fair to all

    Sanders' one-payer government systems offers access to health care for all. It will provide coverage from birth through old age in a way that is equitable and affordable. Government is in a better position to oversee health care and monitor such a system. Medicare is a successful model that can be replicated to extend coverage to everyone.

  • He'll Offer Fewer Services

    No, I don't think that Bernie Sanders' plan will improve the health care system of the United States, because, in order to keep costs low, Sanders will have to decrease services. If the country really wanted to, we could just get rid of all health care and then the health care system would be completely free for everyone. When a system implements price ceilings it has to start rationing services. All Sanders is going to do is create too large of a demand for care that providers can't meet at allowed prices.

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