Do you think Bernie Sanders should be praised for sticking to this presidential campaign's issues?

  • Bernie Sanders: A Man to Be Praised

    Although Bernie Sanders is not doing well in the polls regarding the presidential candidacy, he has not faltered on any of his stances in relation to his campaign. In a world where leaders seek their power by appealing to the masses, Sanders has remained consistent and honest in his campaign. It proves that he is following through with what he believes what is best for this country, and that he is not just trying to appeal to voters for the sole purpose of votes.

  • Someone should be talking about the issues

    I support Bernie Sanders for president, and even if he doesn't win, he's proof American people care about issues different than those pushed by the establishment. He's the anti-Trump, championing causes the American people care about and need to do something about, rather than capitalizing on fear and hatred. He has made a positive difference regardless of the outcome.

  • Praise Bernie for his conviction

    I think that Sanders should be applauded for sticking to his campaign's issues. It shows a dedication and true passion for these issues and shows that he truly believes in what he is campaigning for rather than the other candidates who simply flip-flop on issues in order to gain the public's vote.

  • Any politicain derserves praise when they follow through with their promise.

    Any politician who follows through with their promises in campaining deserve praise. It is very common to say something and to not follow through so when it happens it is something to talk about. Bernie Sanders is a man who is true to his word and has followed through with it. He may not win but he gain respect from many people for being honest.

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