Do you think Bernie Sanders will ultimately get the Democratic nomination?

  • Bernie Sanders is popular among the younger crowd, so yes, I do believe he will get the Democratic Nomination.

    Bernie Sanders supports a lot of things that the younger people want in their generation of adulthood, so I do believe that he will get voted not only into the Democratic nomination, but into office. He is supportive of gays and trans people, he has new border control policies, and overall he seemed to make much more sense than a lot of his competitors.

  • I hope he does, or else Donald Trump will become president

    I do think Bernie Sanders will ultimately get the Democratic nomination, at least I hope this will happen. If Hillary Clinton gets it instead, it is very likely in my opinion that Donald Trump will wind up winning the elections, which is a very scary thought. Sanders stands a chance against Trupm, whereas Hillary does not.

  • He actually may pull this off

    If you asked me this question three months ago I would have said there was no way he would get the nomination, but Bernie Sanders may just pull it off. He has the ear of the coveted young voters which is very hard to get. These young voters have influence over their parents and grandparents, whether we realize it or not. They may be the secret weapon that turns the entire election.

  • No, Sanders will not get the Democratic nomination because Hilary Clinton has more support

    No, Bernie Sanders will not get the Democratic nomination. Hilary Clinton is a member of the Clinton political dynasty and has previously served as Secretary of State of the United States. Although Sanders has a large following, Clinton has been in the lead in most national polls throughout the Democratic nomination race.

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