• Bernie Sanders is likable and believable

    There is a vast amount of distrust for Hillary Clinton. Her record on emails and Benghazi are enough for me to not like her. Plus she flat out lied about the video being the cause of attacks. Most people, I think, agree that neither another Bush nor Clinton should be elected. Bernie Sanders has better plans for moving the country forward than the others.

  • Bernie's message is resonating to people in the early primary states, and beyond.

    Bernie has been consistent, pragmatic and steady in the last 30 years of political life. It is a fact- the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the Middle Class is disappearing. The billionaire class and corporate profits are off the charts.

    Career politicians are commonplace. People are tired of them. They make promises they can't keep because they are beholden to the corporations.

    For instance, Hillary Clinton can't change the prison industrial complex because she's taken huge sums of $$ from these powers. And the banks. She can't change Wall Street and when another crash occurs, she'll bail them out at tax payer expense because she is bankrolled by them.

    Believe me when I say Bernie SNders is our last hope. He is not for sale, unlike every other politician in

  • People really #FeelTheBern!

    Sanders is leading a unique political campaign, one that truly connects with voters. Unless you're part of the top 1%, Bernie represents your needs and interests: putting a stop to corporations being viewed as individuals, as well as to waging war in foreign lands to push America's interests, and ending the skewed reality of putting profits before people. Many people find power in Bernie's tagline, #FeelTheBern - just check Twitter if you disagree!

  • Bernie will win in Iowa

    Bernie Sanders creates real excitement for his message and his platform, this will translate into higher voter turnout and he will come out ahead in the caucus vote in Iowa. His appeal to independent and conservative middle class and poor voters will lead to his success in the General election and he will be elected our next president.

  • Yes, he's real.

    He has the best track record of all of them. I don't support all of his points but I think that's great because it means he's not just trying to appeal to everyone. He's consistent, honest, tough. He is who he is and finally the American people are getting a voice in this wealth driven world.

  • Bernie has good chance in Iowa.

    Bernie Sanders has an excellent reputation with the wide base of both conservative and liberal voters in the Midwest. His campaign has spent a huge amount of time, money and resources in an effort to build name recognition with Iowa voters and it would seem very unlikely that their efforts don't pay off.

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders is the most likely candidate to win the Iowa Caucuses

    Regardless of your political orientation, it is hard to argue the fact that Bernie Sanders is the most likely candidate to win the Iowa Caucuses. His approval ratings are the highest of the democratic party, and the polls are consistently showing him to be the favorite. In comparison to the other candidates, he is the most practical when it comes to policies and issues. This trait seems to be making him an immediate favorite in the polls.

  • Unfortunetely he will not win the caucuses because voters go with familair faces

    Hilary Clinton has a familiar face and the caucus will run to her as if she is given the second chance after losing to President Barak Obama. She is a skilled opponent that will say anything to become elected, which she had proven several times. Senator Sanders will say what is in his heart no matter how unpopular or radical even thought he is speaking the truth that is why people will go for Hilary because she gives them what they want to hear.

  • Not enough support

    Bernie Sanders simply doesn't have near the support that Hillary Clinton does. He has been very popular amongst the younger crowd, but this crowd is not going to get out to the caucuses to give him the votes he needs. Hillary Clinton has the seasoned voters, those that go and caucus, and she will win Iowa.

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