Do you think Bernie Sanders will win the pulmonary round of presidency?

  • Bernie Sanders is a viable candidate

    Bernie Sanders has come up from being a relatively unknown individual to taking half the votes at the Iowa Caucus in an event too close to tell. He has plans to fix Obamacare and raise the minimum wage, creating a stronger middle class that the country needs to function. He's an authentic and trustworthy candidate.

  • I have stronge faith in Bernie and his ability to win.

    Bernie Sanders has a lot of the LGBT community alongside quite a few other communities of the younger generation really backing him. With that being said, he is making younger people participate in politics when they never have before. So I think that he'll win for sure. If he doesn't, I'll be shocked.

  • Bernie Sanders likely not to have staying power

    Despite his surprising performance in the Iowa Caucus, it seems unlikely Bernie Sanders will have staying power in the primary race for the nomination. He faces Hillary Clinton, who has far greater resources at her disposal. People are also concerned whether he can be elected president, given his liberal views.

  • Sanders Cannot Win

    In order to take the primary, Bernie Sanders would need to win by a landslide. Hillary Clinton already has all of the super-delegates. Super-delegates are those that the national party designates who control the nominating conventions. If these people want Hillary, then she'll take the primary. They could change their mind between now and then, but it would be difficult.

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