• Bernie is on the rise

    We can argue the substance of Bernie's message and whether he has a realistic approach to implementing his policies. But all in all, he won the debate. The number of columnists trashing his platform actually provide evidence to his success. Why? Now, Bernie is getting more attention. He is being taken more seriously and he is being scrutinized now. Getting the attention and the scrutiny means people are now looking at him and thus, it's fair to say he won this round.

  • Bernie won as Hillary lost.

    I could not listen to Hillary talk any longer, it was absolutely annoying. Did Bernie Sanders win? He might have. But as far as I am concerned, he only won because Hillary Clinton had the worst debate of her entire political career. In fact, every new debate becomes her worst.

  • Bernie was good but Hillary was better

    The democratic debates were a little more exciting last night than usual. Although Bernie Sanders was more spirited in the debate Hillary Clinton took the gloves off and took the fight to him by pointing out their huge differences in their stance on guns and healthcare. She was a bit more forceful, while Sanders appeared to be a little slower on his feet and dare I say it? He looked like an old man out there. He was still good but I think she took this one.

  • He did not win

    While Bernie Sanders won some points on things he knows very well, like what he wants to do with health care and the economy, Hillary Clinton won overall because of her breadth of knowledge on all issues. She answered smoothly and quickly for almost everything, while Bernie Sanders had to think hard to come up with some answers.

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