• He's Not Really Dr. Huxtable

    The trouble that I, and many others, have is that the only view into the life of Mr. Cosby is through television. He was fine on the Jell-O commercials! The perfect father on The Cosby Show! Rape is an under-reported crime. Women often feel partly responsible, and as can be seen from the "No" comments, are often shamed and ostracized for making any accusations. The fact that multiple women have similar stories, and that they have nothing to gain by going public, makes me believe that Cosby is guilty.

  • Where there's smoke, there's fire.

    He admitted in a deposition I'm 2004 to procuring Quaaludes for the purposes of use during (consensual) sex. It takes only a very short leap of faith to reach the conclusion that they were used in nonconsensual sex as well.

    Perhaps some of his accusers are lying - but probably not very many of them.

  • Of course he is.

    He is guilty, guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty one for each victim who has come forward. He is guilty of more who have not yet chosen to.

  • 50 women vs 1 a self-admitted quaalude pusher

    What surprises me is the level of denial by those who re-victimize the 50 women who have come forward. If it were 50 black men who were sodomized and fondled, would you as why they were afraid to come forward --- or how about young children -- this is not about sex - it is forcible serial rape of not one, but 50 women. I wish our country could reach a place where justice is truly blind ---- what if this happened to your mother, sister, cousin, or girlfriend. Crosby is a serial rapist who used his money and power to try and escape justice. He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and should have been investigated more vigorously then.

  • Victims take it to grave

    Sadly many victims of abuse and rape will take that horrible secret to their graves. I truly believe the victims. Of course many didn't report it. Fear and shame cause many women and MEN to keep such atrocities to themselves. It saddens me to hear ones like The Game who ask why these women didn't report it. As a member of the African American community I know for a fact all too often mom's nasty boyfriend, cousin, uncle and sometimes dad have raped/molested and it NEVER GETS REPORTED. Stop victim shaming. Accept BILL COSBY is NOT DR. HUXTIBLE!

  • Hard to believe that he is innocent

    I find it hard to believe that all the women are lying. I believe most women wanted his assistance in establishing their careers. Hence, they reluctantly obliged with his sexual advancements / drug taking. It was rape in the sense that they were not 100 % accepting of the situation. A bit like doing something with a gun to your head. Maybe the meetings started off with kissing / fondling (to which they agreed to) and escalated to sexual intercourse (to which they didn't verbally agree to). Afterwards they felt shame, didn't want to be ostracised or were still hoping for his help so they kept quiet. I think it's a really grey area though and after so much time, very hard to prove either way.

  • The rich and famous are not above the law.

    This is an on going issue with fame and fortune. Just because they have means does not give them a forum to abuse anyone. Although he is not convicted, just read between the lines its all there. Silence does not make him less guilty. This guy is a sick and twisted individual.

  • The number of persons coming forward and their illustrating a repeated modus operandi in their stories speak for itself.

    I do not even want to speak his name- the accused, the alleged abuser/rapist is chilling in his lack of insight, remorse, guilt or empathy. In fact, his immense rage and conveyed narcissist insult that these individuals have come forward and shared their experiences is so unbelievable as well as his finger pointing and defaming of all the alleged victims that I find myself wondering if he has become mentally impaired. The denial and/or lack of awareness on the part of his spouse is also stupefying to me.

  • Fifty different women came forward, who don't know each other & reported that he drugged & sexually assaulted them!

    Some of the women did come forward & were told to shut up. Bill had seven different prescriptions of Quaalude's & admitted that he used the Quaalude's to drug women & then have sex with them. If one is impaired, one can no longer render consent! That is the law!

  • Cosby is guilty!

    So many people hide behind a mask. My husband was going with my best friend. They both lied and lied, and he even tried to say I was crazy. He accused me of trying to ruin he reputation. Everyone thought he was such a wonderful person, but I lived with him for 50 years, and I knew the kind of man he was. I should have left him years before when he slept with my sister. He always denied his wrong doing.

  • No I don't believe

    If Bill Cosby had no money and no fame. This would not have gone anywhere. But because he does have money and fame, Here we are.
    Soon as one came out, Then come the rest. All because of the media, We have a witch hunt. Maybe one, But 50.

  • No after watching the women and statements

    I say this because Bill Cosby was not as powerful as people want to make him out to be. Did he have sex with some of these women probably, against there wishes no. Back in the day a black man raping a white woman or women I find that hard to believe they did not press charges and had him put under the jail. For the black women if they where children and scared yes I could see them not coming forward but grown women no they would have pressed charges, because Cosby would have let them down by doing such hideous act. Also although I do not approve of the behavior of the men who have been accursed over the last few months, I will say I believe some of these women chose stardom or the hope of stardom over there moral convection. Not the rape but the showing man showing his (opening the door with house coat open) private parts, touching, or verbal misconduct , in the old days I believe it was called the producer couch. I do feel sorry for the women who are telling the truth no one should have to deal with something like this for 10, 20 years, but I also believe some of the women I just jumping on the band wagon and are lying.

  • Me too witch hunting

    All sex is rape

    those girls ask for drugs back in them days when they used to use roofies and the guys would Supply it

    and they have a good time

    but he's rich and they're broke now

    and they want money

    they have all the motive in the world to screw him over just like that one kid who got Accused by 13 girls of rape

    but that one girl who was in their group decided to tell the truth and that did not make the national news

    He had a hard time getting the Facebook pages of those girls to exonerate him and he was going to jail for the rest of his life because male life is not valuable

    stuff like that never makes the news

    Now you can't even find it in Google search

    so don't tell me that is not possible women lie too

    A lot

  • Well the truth is apparent

    If you can not make sense out of a story it is because it is a lie.....Why are these women just coming forward and most importantly if you were drugged how do you remember who raped you or if you were raped?? Also if someone offers you pills why on earth would you take blue pills???!

  • Women are just being women.

    Bill Cosby is a great guy. I still listen to his cassettes. I believe there is a anti Cosby society organization of women who don't like him. He deserves respect. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Bill Cosby Case

    Every time you look around some is either claiming or filing a law suit for rape. But why is that these women don't come out when said incident happened or happens. You wait a decade or two and decide to claim you was rape... The boy who cried wolf, til no one really believed him when the wolf did arrive. Think people, it's always about money... SMH

  • M a r i j u a n a

    4 2 0 B l a z e i t f a g g o t
    S m o k e c r y s t a l m e t h
    S h o o t u p h e r o i n d o o d !

  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty

    Cosby is guilty of buying drugs and giving them to at least one woman. He admitted to this, but he did not admit to doing it without her knowledge. So far this admission seems to be the only thing he is guilty of, which isn't much. All those women accusing him all of sudden is odd... And very well could be a serial rapist. But if one woman makes up a story and comes forward and the media catches wind of it, it doesn't take long for others to flock in for the media attention. All you need is for the public to hear one story, and then everyone with half a brain to make up a story will use similar elements.

    Am I saying the stories are made up? No. I'm saying I'm not going to condemn a man until I know something for certain. Over 50 accusations would be a lot of it were a normal case, but this man is a public figure, and there are a lot of attention wh**es out there. I probably know a few girls that would accuse me of the same thing if they thought they could get a book deal off of it, I could only imagine how many would do it if everyone in the country knew who I was.

    So I say no, but only because I because I judge people the same way the Justice System does. You are innocent until I know 100% that you are guilty.

  • Money Hungry Women

    Why did they wait so long to come forward. Saying Cosby was too powerful is bull. Cosby was not powerful as the Kennedy clan were during that period of time. Those women should be investigated for perjury. They are just plain money hungry vipers. Ill goten money wont last long...

  • Do you think bill cosby is guilty of rape

    After researching the claims and the backgrounds of the women making the claims, i conclude either nothing happened or sexula contact and drug use was consensual. The culture at the time dictates this was the circumstance. Also, i believe his politics made him a target of the left wing media

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MaryDtn9 says2015-03-10T18:01:33.850
Bill Cosby Rape Facts: Based on historic serial rapist data statistics Bill Cosby is an international serial rapist. 98% of victims tell the truth; 5% of rape crimes are reported. 2% of victims lie; 95% of rape crimes are never reported because victims fear rapist reprisal. These statistics and supporting links are provided in detail below. As of March 1, 2015, 35 women have accused Cosby of rape. These 35 women represent only 5% of the victims Cosby raped. Cosby, a sociopath, lacks conscience, empathy, remorse, guilt or shame. If you doubt these statistics please do your own research. This is IMPORTANT! #billcosbyrapist
WHY! VICTIMS MATTER! These victims represent all of us, our families, our children, daughters, wives, mothers and sisters. When our courts and countries fail to protect our families we must take action.
Agree! Please take this link viral today. WHY! VICTIMS MATTER! Help stop rapist Cosby's ongoing reprisal threats against the women who have accused him of rape.