Do you think Bill Moyers made the job of White House Press Secretary cool during the Johnson administration?

  • Bill Moyers was cool

    The job Bill Moyers did as the White House Press Secretary was pretty representative of Moyers' efforts at any job he did. He was always getting into the important subjects and shaping public opinion. Simply put, he was a cool person and seemed to be fitting to serve as a press secretary.

  • Bill Moyers Was the Face of Vietnam

    Bill Moyers was the face of the Lyndon Johnson administration during the Vietnam War. He fielded tough questions regarding troop deaths, escalation and how the war was going. He also had to deal with Cold War questions and the Civil Rights movement. Moyers was the first well-known press secretary in the White House when the job of press secretary became more prominent.

  • Yes, Bill Moyers made being a White House Press Secretary cool.

    I think that Press Secretary for the White House, Bill Moyers, mad the job cool. I think a lot of people thought the role was a bit boring and unappealing before Bill Moyers. When he took the role, he was able to make people change their minds about the job.

  • No, I don't think so

    I don't think anyone can make the job of White House Press be cool. There is just nothing fun about it, it should be a serious place, where serious things are discussed. I wouldn't want anyone to joke about the issues that I found to be close to home, it would make me angry.

  • He was just another one.

    No, I do not think that Bill Moyers made the job of White House Press Secretary cool during the Johnson administration, because if Bill Moyers had made the job cool, someone cooler than Jay Carney would be doing it now. Press Secretaries are a dime a dozen. We have already all forgotten Moyers.

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