Do you think Bill O'Reilly is representative of the average politically conservative American?

  • They're all the same

    Yeah, I think that it's pretty obvious that Bill O'Reilly on Fox News is representative of the average politically conservative American. He's mean, he's spiteful, he spits venom at people he doesn't like and he does it from a position of relative safety. And to top it off, he's usually wrong. Sounds like the average conservative to me.

  • Yes I do.

    I think Bill O'Reilly is a good representative of the average politically conservative American because he is so well known and many political Americans will follow his lead on beliefs and think the same way as he does. Normally many Americans will share a similar view just have different solutions.

  • He is not quite libertarian enough.

    No, I do not think that Bill O'Reilly is representative of the average politically conservative American, because the average politically conservative American is more conservative than O'Reilly is. O'Reilly has previously commented that he does not think that the government can ignore social issues. That is far different than most conservatives, who want social issues left to the discretion of the states.

  • Most certainly not.

    The biggest problem with this question, is that people do not understand conservatism. What is currently happening in the conservative part is not conservatism but more akin to theocracy. Bill O'Reilly has issues that a lot of conservatives will disagree with, but even he is not a Neo-Con which has corrupted the republican party.

  • No, Bill O'Reilly is a rabble rousing demagogue

    Bill O’Reilly hosts a popular television show that highlights right wing views. He
    has a huge following and has published many books on world affairs. Nevertheless,
    he does not speak for the average conservative. He attacked the Red Cross and
    United Way after 9/11, harming their efforts to help. He hounded a doctor who
    performed abortions, repeatedly referring to him in inflammatory terms unworthy
    of civilized disagreement. A fan of Mr. O’Reilly's eventually murdered the doctor.
    Intelligent and cool-headed conservatives do not view this demagogue as one of
    their own.

  • He's moving further right

    I don't think that the average conservative feels represented by Bill O'Reilly and some of his beliefs. I think on some things he is, but then he goes off in crazy town and leaves moderate conservatives in the dust. In a recent show he talked about how texting was a legitimate addiction. Crazy.

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