Do you think Bill O'Reilly's personality contributes to his success in television?

  • Yes, I think Bill O'Reilly 's personality contributes to his success in television.

    Bill O'Reilly has very outgoing and outspoken personality. A personality that makes him a likeable person. People like to watch those on television that have a likeable personality. We like to get be entertained as well as informed. Thus people will watch him and his program will have high ratings.

  • We look for personality

    Yes, Bill's personality is for sure a large part of the success that he has in television. When we see someone, their personality is what we judge them on, along with their looks. His great personality is what made people love watching him, and made him a great entertainer on tv.

  • That would be why he's called a television personality.

    Well of course Bill O'Reilly's personality contributes to his success. That's why people like him are called television personalities, and it's why his show is called The O'Reilly Factor. There are a lot of old and angry white men who can do nothing but rant about things that will never affect them. They identify with him.

  • Makes A Difference

    I believe Bill O'Reilly's personality does contribute to his success in television. I believe you could find this the case for most TV personalities because if they don't identify with their audience they are not going to be successful. I know people enjoy his program and his way of tackling subjects.

  • He has a big personality.

    Yes, I think that Bill O'Reilly's personality contributes to his success in television, because he has a big personality and people are naturally drawn to him. It certainly isn't his good looks that have him leading the television ratings books night after night. O'Reilly has a lot to say and gets his point across in an entertaining manner.

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