Do you think Black Entertainment Television (BET) accurately portrays African Americans?

  • Bet does its best to represent african american

    I'm pretty sure bet does its best to accurately portray african americans. BET has been in the business since 1983. I'm pretty sure it knows what its doing. I'm sure if BET was doing something wrong to portray african americans , it would not have continue to be on television long ago.

  • In an entertaining way.

    Yes, I think that BET accurately portrays African Americans, because we all understand that the portrayals are in a comedic or entertaining way, for the purposes of television. Does "The Bachelor" portray white people in an accurate way? What about "Dance Moms?" But there is a poetic license for television, and people understand that.

  • As A black male I say no

    Though I will agree that it commonly portrays most low income African Americans , not very intelligent African Americans, or African Americans that had a low income but due to the fact that they can rap,act,sing,dance,play a sport,ect. (normally with lower intelligence) who spend money in excess. Though, it barely ever portrays smart and educated black males and even if they do they are usually the bad guy.

  • Black Entertainment Television ((BET) does not accurately portray African Americans

    Black Entertainment Television portrays African Americans as people who focus more on the value of material things rather than other important things in life. The men portrayed in videos seen on this entertainment channel wear thick chains around their neck and have gold teeth. They maintain this sense of gangster mentally that is not shared by all African Americans. African Americans are intelligent and do have the ability to master the English language, an ideal that is not seen in some of the Black Entertainment Television shows.

  • BET almost protrays stereotypes.

    BET portrays some accurately, but African Americans are different and like different things - just like everyone else. The focus of BET is on Hip Hop culture. While this is popular and large in the African American community, there are black country singers, NASCAR drivers, very heavy metal singers, etc. These people aren't represented and it gives a very stereotypical view of black people.

  • About as well as "Honey Boo Boo" represents Caucasians

    The bottom line is that when you're talking about the media, they will take the most extreme and entertaining parts of any group, culture, or race and blow things five steps farther out of proportion. I seriously doubt that many African Americans are that rich, that cool, or that ridiculous, depending upon the show that one is talking about. It is an entertainment channel, and it honestly can be no more expected to reflect real life than 50s sitcoms represented life back then.

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