Do you think Black Entertainment Television (BET) should feature more news programs?

  • It is a nice genre.

    Yes, BET should feature more news programs, because the news programs would appeal to a variety of people. It would serve the black community well to have news programs that appealed especially to them and their interests. It would serve the public, and it would be a form of entertainment as well. Black people care about their community, too, and it would keep them current on issues.

  • Yes, it should

    BET should start putting some programs with educational value on it, or frankly it should go away. It's an embarrassment as it currently is to be perfectly honest, it depicts a culture that is not one many look favorably on and it supports racist views far more than it does anything to dissolve them.

  • BET Isn't a News Station

    Black Entertainment Television doesn't need to produce more news programs because it inherently is not a news station. BET focuses upon entertainment and related programming, so news is completely unnecessary here. There's no reason that BET should start turning away from entertainment in this day and age for any reason.

  • No it is what it is

    I see no reason for BET to have more news programs. The channel is not shy about what it is and has a big enough audience to be fine as is. There is no need to change it and risk having less viewership or angering your current loyal channel watchers.

  • Variety Is Their Bane

    I do not believe Black Entertainment Television (BET) should feature more news programs. The original premise of the network was for music, not for news. While they have always mixed news in, in some formats, its never been a major part of the network. I believe the network would be better off to stick to its roots.

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