• Yes, Black Friday sales start too early.

    I definitely think that Black Friday sales that happen on Thanksgiving start way too early. Before, the sales would start at midnight the day of Thanksgiving. Then all of a sudden, stores started allowing people to shop for Black Friday sales on the day of Thanksgiving. I only think the problem will get worse.

  • Yes They Do

    As a consumer, I have stopped shopping Black Friday events because retailers have destroyed my Thanksgiving Holiday. I honestly don't appreciate the fact that the majority of my family has to work the Thanksgiving Holiday because American businesses are so greedy and so concerned with competition that they have to try and best each other. The sales on Thanksgiving Day and evening are uncalled for and I will continue to boycott these stores on those days.

  • Yes, Black Friday should not extend back to Thanksgiving.

    I truly think it is shameful that businesses open on Thanksgiving just to get a start on early holiday sales. I realize that people will go at whatever time it starts because they are after the big sales, but there is no respect to be gained when businesses so blatantly put profit over the value of time spent with family, either on their employees' part or on their customers' part. Thanksgiving is one day a year that people have traditionally spent with family, and used to be an island of a day amidst our usual daily lives. Corporations need to curtail their greed and have respect for tradition.

  • Yes, sales start too early on Black Friday.

    Opening up a store at 7 in the afternoon on thanksgiving means that there are people who have to be at work even earlier. These people are missing out on special time with their families just to make a couple of dollars. It also puts an unwanted emphasis on shopping during the holidays.

  • No, they do not.

    The sales are meant to benefit the business, having the sales early helps them to sell as many things as possible leading up to much more profit than they usually would make in a day. If the business cannot take advantage of selling something early, then they lose a lot of potential profit for the day.

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