• Blood transfusions are necessary.

    Blood transfusions are necessary. There are a lot of people that are involved in accidents that would not be here today without the medical treatment such as blood transfusions that they get. I think that blood transfusions are important to save the lives of individuals in trouble and need help.

  • Blood transfusions are necessary.

    Sometimes, it is necessary to receive a blood transfusion. This is the reason why blood donations are so common. People who have surgery or get into accidents sometimes need to receive more blood to make up for what they have lost. Blood transfusions can save people's lives in some cases.

  • They save lives.

    Yes, I think that blood transfusions are necessary, because blood transfusions do a lot of good in the world. Blood transfusions allow people to live who otherwise wouldn't. Blood transfusions are a literal life saver for those who need them. if a person has lost a great deal of blood, a transfusion allows them to sustain life.

  • Of course they're needed.

    Of course I think blood transfusions are necessary. If they weren't necessary, the Red Cross wouldn't be holding blood drives almost every day of the year across the United States. If they weren't needed for surgery and emergency medical procedures, they wouldn't be used in modern medicine. Who are you to say otherwise?

  • Yes, in some instances they are necessary.

    Blood transfusions can definitely be necessary. Many of us will probably have a surgery of some sort one day, and when you do, they may ask you questions about your blood type, just in case you lose a lot of blood during surgery and need a transfusion. In a normal, healthy person, of course they aren't necessary. But in medical emergencies or for specific health problems, they can definitely be a lifesaver.

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