• Most definitely a sport

    I've never seen a bodybuilder (including myself) that doesn't train longer or harder than anyone partaking in any other sport. The idea that you need to "play" a sport is based in idiocy. While I do think that it is inherently an art form, it is also a very physically demanding sport.

  • Physical and discipline

    Bodybuilding is a physical sport that requires intense discipline in all aspects of a person's life. There are a large number of sports that can't be quantified in any way other than judgment by third parties, and the actual movements needed in order to build muscles and during the show are highly skilled.

  • Bodybuilding a Sport

    Bodybuilding is absolutely a legitimate sport these days. People train for countless hours in order to perfect their bodies in various ways. For that reason, bodybuilding can be considered a competitive sport by most measurements. With that in mind, bodybuilders are gaining more and more recognition for their efforts today.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe that bodybuilding is a legitimate sport. I believe this because just like any other sport it takes somebody years of hard work and determination to be good at it. However, unlike other sports not everybody can be a bodybuilder, if everybody could be a bodybuilder it wouldn't be what it is. And yes just like every sport there are people that use PED's, but in this sport, there are many organizations that are strictly natural and that do regular drug tests for every competition.

  • It is a sport

    There is nothing more physically taxing in this world than bodybuilding. I 100% guarantee you that ANYONE who's on the "not a sport" side of this argument would NOT last a single prep for a show, they could never train like a bodybuilder or even have the discipline of one. To truly be successful in bodybuilding, it takes more effort and time out of your day than any other sport out there.

  • It is a sport

    Bodybuilding is a sport officially so shut up people that dont know anything about it. You know nothing about hwo to even lift a weight if you think its not a sport ya retard. Bodybuilders train harder han anyone else in any other sport so dont just thing oh its a beauty pageant.

  • No and Yes

    Sport (according to Merriam Webster)
    1. A contest or game in which people do certain physical activities according to a specific set of rules and compete against each other
    So the first definition rules out that bodybuilding is not a sport because just lifting weights is not a competition. However,
    2. A physical activity (such as hunting, fishing, running, swimming, etc.) that is done for enjoyment
    The second definition states that it is.

  • 100% cosmetics 0% performance

    Bodybuilding shows don't require any athletic of physical skill. They're purely based on cosmetics. Yes, the training is brutal and takes a ton of dedication, but walking across a stage posing takes zero athleticism, coordination, or any other physical ability. Also, the judging is based 100% on cosmetics. In order for something to be a sport, the judging/points/win loss system has to be based on some time of performance/ability, not on looks. It's a beauty contest. It's art. But it's not a sport.

  • No athletic skills or regulating rules.

    I think it's not a sport because it lacks important point like athletic performance and rules. No one also will ask you when and how you obtained that humongous amount of muscles. Or even ask you where did you train. Or give a blood test or anything... It's a fake sport.

  • Anyone can do it

    I know many bodybuilders. Most of them admit they are not athletically inclined but are competitive and that is the only reason they chose bodybuilding. It does not take skill only determination and time. The competitions are based solely on flexing and having someone judge your physical appearance. They do nothing on stage that shows they are functional fitness wise. Its like a show dog VS a working dog. Bodybuilder vs athlete. They do not compare. I'd love to see a body builder actually play hockey or baseball. Not gonna happen Flip that around and have a baseball player or hockey player body build and they would have no problem with it.

  • Worthless and time wasting

    I have also did bodybulding for 12 years and won so many titles but after few year i realised that its time wasting sport but its not sport i would say its hobby BB ruin my sexual life and so much of money i have spend on it rather i would have saved it or applied to earn or learn and something which can build my career . Anyway there are many forms of keeping your self fit by running swimming and cycling etc..

  • Because its for FAGGOTS

    Body building is for men who have small dicks and want to make them smaller by taking steroids to gain muscles to cover up their baby dicks! And they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't coming except for body builders because they have baby dicks case closed

  • Although it may officially be labelled as a sport, it should not be.

    There are multiple components that make something a sport. The main one being a requirement of athletic abilities (speed, power, coordination, decision-making, etc). Success in bodybuilding is measured by appearance and requires zero athletic performance. The only component that makes bodybuilding a sport is the fact that it is competitive. But I do not believe competition alone is enough to make something a sport, since the greatest component is athleticism. People that think bodybuilding should be a sport must also support the concept that competitive chess or competitive fishing are sports. I would not be surprised if this population argued for competitive art-n-crafts as a sport, as well.

  • Bodybuilding is a gay hobby

    The sole nature of bodybuilding is built on the simple fact of of using a concoction of anabolic steroids. Many of their strengths and endurance and looks is solely built using steroids. They may be impressive in moving and lifting weights for an extended period of time but much of it would not be achievable without the use of steroids. The use of anabolic steroids changes and masks your genetic makeup. Take for example transgender men (initially women) who take steroids and throw a few weights around become quite fit and masculine. If a woman can become a man with the use of steroids and throwing a few weights around, I have very little respect for a sport that uses steroids as just about any real athlete that decided to take on steroids for an extended period of time would be just as impressive as Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney etc. Phil Heath was a college athlete before dabbing into the dark world of steroids and Ronnie Coleman was a linebacker at Grambling State. Just imagine what real athletes of the likes of Lebron James and Ray Lewis would be like if they actually pursued bodybuilding.

  • Body Building is another word for Male Beauty Pageant. A beauty pageant is not considered to be a sport.

    I suppose if you were to consider a beauty pageant as a sport then yes, you would say body building is a sport, as they are essentially the same thing. The goal is to be subjectively judged on how your looks compare to someone else. Women competing in beauty pageants take drugs and supplements, have strict dietary regimes and train in the gym most days. I cant see any difference between body building and beauty pageantry. In my opinion though....Neither should be considered a sport and neither would i consider body builders to be athletes in any ways, just as i wouldn't associate the word athlete with a beauty pageant contestant. There is nothing athletic about working hard to alter your physique just to be judged on looks alone. To be an athlete your body must be enhanced for functional application not looks. If someone were able to achieve the look of a body builder just by having an operation in a clinic would you say they were an athlete just because they looked a certain way?...I doubt it.

  • Sports are participated in by athletes.

    If bodybuilding were a sport, then bodybuilders should also be considered athletes. But there is nothing involved in the bodybuilding competition devoted to athleticism. I cannot name a sport that does not require some sort of athleticism (running, jumping, throwing, swimming, etc.) So therefore I cannot say that a bodybuilder is an athlete, thus meaning bodybuilding is not a sport.

  • Not a sport

    Bodybuilding is not a sport it's a beauty pageant. I don't think the judging component of it invalidates it because legitimate sports like gymnastics and figure skating are judged. Powerlifting is a legit sport because you're competing in an actual athletic competition against other competitors. Bodybuilding is based solely on appearance and has nothing to do with skill or strength.

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