• Britain should be reorganized.

    As an American, I watch the British political system and sit there scratching my head. A state church? Bishops in the House of Commons? A Monarchy (theocracy)? Really? Is it that important to hold on to old, outdated relics of the past? I understand the novelty, but welcome to the new world.

  • Britain should be

    The Community of Christ today considers the period from 1830 to 1844 to be a part of its early history and from 1844, the year of the death of the founder, to 1860, to be a period of disorganization. Since 1844 the doctrines and practices of the Community of Christ have evolved separately from the other denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement.

  • Why Go Changing It Now

    Britain Is Fine The Way It is. If people have a problem with it, then they should elect better people to run the country. Just like all countries should do the same. You can pretty much mess up any type of government if you do not have the right people running it.

  • No, it would be a hassle

    At this point it does not make sense to change England to a Republic system of government because it would be a hassle to restructure the whole government there. Britain is fine doing what it is doing at the moment, so I do not believe changing to a Republic would make a big difference at this point.

  • A good system

    I think that the way that Britian has its government organized today is a very good system. They have used this same form of government for a very long time, and they do not need to go change something that already works just fine. It might hurt them to change.

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