• Definitely yes imo

    Obviously after all these years with the Kardashians that he has spent with them he is so in love with women and everything they do that he decided it will be a great idea. In a couple of years he will have both butt and breast implants and a penis removing surgery. The kardashians are his inspirations. Im pretty sure khloe is trying to become a male!

  • Bruce Jenner is trying to transform into a female

    Yes, I agree that Bruce Jenner is trying to become a female. Multiple facial reconstructive surgeries demonstrate a clear marginalization of masculine features and an emphasis of more feminine features. This gradual transformation has been in progress for years and includes the shaving off of Bruce's adam's apple. I do believe, however, that what Bruce does with his body is his business.

  • Who really knows?

    Why does everyone care anyway? It is his life and if he wants to do that, cool. If he does not, cool. I don't care. Why are we always so heavily invested in the personal lives of others? It's like it has become the popular thing to be the snoopy neighbor but now we can snoop people we dont even remotely know!

  • I do not think that Bruce Jenner is trying to become a female.

    I take this position because Bruce Jenner is upset about what the tabloids are saying about him. And I use the word "him." He claims the pictures were doctored to make him look more like a woman. Until he comes out and says otherwise I will continue to believe him.

  • Leave Bruce alone

    Since when does having long hair mean that a male is trying to become female? People seem to love Jared Leto's long hair, and there is no speculation that he is trying to be female. That is probably because Jared Leto is younger and "Hollywood good looking", and maybe because he keeps his facial hair so he is still male. But Bruce is clean shaven, so he wants to be female? Makes no sense.

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