Do you think bully with words can hurt as much as physical bully ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Of course because you can't punch them.

    There are people that insult you but even though you're physically stronger you can't just punch them because then you become the guilty one. It's just so backwards how society turned out how carrying a gun became savage and evil but heckling and looking down on others is acceptable. In the good old gentlemen days disagreeing with another let alone insulting another was disputed by a gun duel after a slap to the face with a glove.

  • Yes both are very hurtful

    It depends on the person.If that person feel sensitive of what others say then of course they can be hurt.But in physical bully everybody feel hurt no matter feel sensitive or not.Also as you can see teen commit suicide from verbal bully more than physical bully.But in result both of them can be very harmful.SO WATCH YOUR MOUTH BEFORE YOU WANT TO SAY SOMETHING.

  • It depends on the person.

    It really just, as I've mentioned, comes down to the type of person the victim is. If they're a target and yet thick skinned, only physical things will hurt them for the most part. But usually, things that are said can be too far or too messed up and leave a negative impact. I've been bullied and words hurt me as much as fists.

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