Do you think bullying is wrong and we should prevent it from happening?

  • I'm been bullied along with others.

    You should stop bullying along with others.Because bullying is wrong so STOP bullying now!So be strong and stand up for others people.Open your eyes and look think and say sorry.So you should ask yourself this question Have I hurt someone's feelings?If you said yes then you should stop your bullying.

  • Its just horrible

    People think oh they can deal with it its a way of life yes it may be but people commit suicide because of bullying they skip school Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. So i would like you to side with me or nah (no reference to any song at all)

  • Its emotionally draining

    We all know that bullying is wrong but that is the politically correct answer just how many of us stop bullies when we see one. If you don't stop the bully ask yourself why, pretty sure most of you will answer because you don't want to be a victim as well. Bullying hurts one emotionally ad psychologically, people are suicidal over bullying and there is so much that is bottled up as a whole. Anyone could be a victim of bullying. People are hurt because there is physical bullying and we have not even considered social media platforms .

  • Totally Right, Stop Bulling

    I am bullied and it is no walk in the park. People tuant you and say mean things to you. Sometimes it can lead to violence. When it happens, report it right away. If your scared it will get worse, don't worry, the will leave you alone. And if nothing hapens then ignore it and tell your parents and they will help.

  • Wimps and sissies never grow out of it.... Unless they fight... Fact of life

    Knock the bully out and tomorrow he will be carrying your lunch instead of trying to take it.... I did...
    Oh yea that's right in the past twenty years we clipped the testies off our boys and it's criminal to lay out someone asking for it.... Not only are we soft as a society cause the powers at be want a society full of hair pulling sissies...... Punching the bully nowadays lands you in prison. Someone's gotta get rich. That's the civilized way...... Morons

  • Yes it is.

    Bullying is wrong and if it can be stopped than we should do what we can to actually stop it. Bullying creates a sense of sadness and self defeat in a child and that is never okay. All kids are loveable and should be treated with respect and kindness. Kids need to learn to treat each other that way too.

  • Bullying is wrong and we should prevent it.

    Bullying is a very wrong thing that is going on in all of our lives no matter what kind of life you are living. No matter where you go or what you do, bullying is a major problem. It affects us everyday and its always around, Many people need to start taking action to this situation. Many people commit suicide and self harm themselves because of what other people say. Depending on where you live, here in America, everyone is obligated to their own opinion, That makes people think that they can hurt eachother. But its not. No matter how you hurt someone it still hurts, Lets take action together. Together.

  • Bullying is wrong and we need to prevent it from happening

    I know a lot of people who have been bullied or are being bullied right now. I don't understand why people have to pick on others to make themselves feel better. We should take action and prevent it we shouldn't stand around and just watch. So many people commit suicide because of bullying, we can stop that from happening don't be a bystander be a speaker, be a leader.

  • Kids can behave like little terrorists, and don't realize the damage being done.

    Might as well take the measures to stop bullying before these kids grow up and try acting in a similar way once they are on the job. They go to work, and harass people of different faiths, or people with different sexual preferences than theirs. The sooner bullies learn that their actions have negative consequences, the better off everyone will be. I was bullied in middle school, and it took years to get over it, and I'm 57. Of course, back then, the attitude was "just deal with it". It did make me a strong Teamster shop steward, though. I don't allow bullying to take place around me.

  • Humankind has Moral Capability

    Humans do rank on a hierarchical system and have faced struggles within since the dawn of time, but one of humanity's greatest achievements is our growing ability for moral capability. As time goes on, humans are becoming more moral and inter communal and by frowning upon bullying we support the continued movement towards growth and harmony instead of bloodshed, frustration, etc. Also, it is important to remember that children didn't begin to attend public school until the 1800's and aren't supposed to be raised in harsh, unfriendly environments such as the ones that develop in schools because of bullying.

  • Bullying is wrong

    But I think that we should teach kids to deal with it themselves. I speak from personal experience when I say that having teachers and parents interfere does nothing but make things ten times worse. We should teach children to deal with the problems themselves. When they grow up, they can't go complain to a teacher when their boss is mean to them or tell their parents when a stranger says some mean words to them. Help them help themselves.

  • No, and no.

    Humans are one of the many species whose social structure involves a hierarchical system, whereby people must struggle, whether by force or finances, to get to the top. Therefore bullying is a natural part of human nature. Due to the aforesaid statement, it should not be prevented, but rather, the children being bullied need to be taught how to cope with the bullies, as in this day and age, children seem to be less and less dependent in this area of their lives.

  • We need to stop being a nation of whiny bitches.

    I think that if we allow bullying then people would stop being straight up stupid and all these made up "sexuals" like pan-sexual and all that stupid shit. If you're dating a guy and you're straight if you're a girl and you're dating a girl your gay. There is no between. Stop ruining america

  • Bullying helps to thoughen up the young boys

    I remember, one time, while I was doing military service, in Iraq. I saw a group of iraqi soldiers torture two young boys. One was stoic and offered a masculine resistance to their threaths and beating. The other, a boy that had obviously been sheltered from bullying his entire life, was crying from anxiety, when it was his turn. When they ordrered him to take off all his clothes, he fell on his knees and begged them, not to torture him.

    In an act of severe cowardise, he revealed that his buddy was particularly scared of being beaten on his manhood, his balls

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