• Its been in history for years!

    Merger = bigger company = more control VS other competitors. Meaning - less options for costumers. When costumer has no options, the big company can do anything they want to costumer = increase prices, and costumer won't be able to do anything, or find alternatives. This always happens!!! You got to be 3yr old not to understand it. PLUS, big company will cause smaller companies will go out of business!!!!!!!!!! And people lose their job! So NO to Comcast! Youre already too powerful and too greedy!

  • Less Competition on the Market

    Of course prices for cable and satellite will go up because there will be less competition on the market. Comcast will have a huge market of Warner movies and Warner-produced shows. Meanwhile, Time-Warner can market non-television related content such as news, weather and movies. It looks like a blockbuster deal, but Comcast is going to have to raise prices to compete. Look for Comcast to eventually get into satellite dishes instead of cable systems.

  • Prices will go up once Comcast and Time Warner merge due to their expanded monopoly and the costs associated with implementing the merger.

    Cable and Internet prices will almost certainly go up post-merger because both of these providers already had a monopoly in many areas and in any areas where they were competing with each other on price they will no longer have to do so. Even if, prices don't go up due the monopoly they are almost certainly going to rise due to the technical difficulties of merging the two networks and customer databases. This type of migration is both difficult and costly.

  • Yes cable networks are always looking to maximize profit

    Time Warner cable has been raising prices in order to maximize monetary profit for years there is no secret to that at all. Comcast maybe looking to merge as an alternative to make more money from the millions of people who watch cable in the United States. So it would not surprise me at all to see these two networks push to create a monopoly.

  • This merger will increase service prices

    Cable prices will go up when Comcast and Time Warner merge. They might not initially because most people's bills do not increase except for once a year and many people have already received these adjustments. The two companies realize they have a monopolistic conglomorate on their hands and will not doubt use that power to increase prices.

  • Yes it is possible.

    I do think that it is a very big possibility that the prices will go up when the Comcast and Time Warner merge together. I do think that they merging will cause them to make the prices higher because they will be deliver a different service than they were before.

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