• Some good things, But way off the deep end in others

    There is no political space in this country for people like me anymore. . . Constitutional Conservatives who believe the government exists to enforce fairness in a free marketplace, And otherwise live and let live. I am pro choice, Not pro Abortion. I don't believe in giving anything to illegal aliens. I have no issues with gay marriage. I don't even really care if adults are transgender and want to have surgeries to live as their gender, But don't mandate that the rest of us "accept" them or call us transphobic because we have no interest in dating them, And don't tell our daughters they have to compete against biological males in athletics. Gun rights have been made into a ridiculous issue when really it's about mental health and not having a catch and release criminal justice system that looks at short term incarceration in failed jails and prisons where low level offenders hang out with society's losers in a vicious cycle of violence that fosters recidivism. The guns are not the problem, And the two pronged assault on law and order that involves facilitating disrespect towards and antagonistic behavior against our police serve to prevent citizens from the basic human rights of protecting their own lives and property. The guns are not the problem, And maybe more criminals would think twice before committing crimes or harassing others if there was a possibility the targets of their bullying were armed. Almost all gun crimes in NYC are committed by people with illegal firearms, Almost all of them handguns. There were 6 rifle "gun incidents" all last year in NYC. Stop blaming the guns. Unfortunately, People like me who see income inequality as a problem, But also see state and city spending as a problem, Who are OK with gay marriage, But not OK with indoctrinating children, Who want tough punishments on crime, But don't want to live in a police state - we don't have a voice anymore. And on that front, As the city increasingly controls state politics with two of the most incompetent buffoons in US History in Cuomo and DeBlasio controlling what happens, YES NY is way too liberal, And it is taking after California in doing so (which is also way too liberal) and is predictably encountering the same disgusting, Dangerous, Damaging issues that horrible state is.

  • Yes way too Liberal

    They don't run this country, There is a lot of space between NY and California with good people that love this country, Those two states don't and should not represent the values of the entire country. I have much more to say then that but ill leave it at that.

  • Liberalism gone wild!

    Over time Liberals become more and more liberal and change will take place just for the sake of change. The liberals will never have enough. Social engineering on steroids. Changing the definition of marriage is not good enough, now they want to change the meaning of genders. Where does it all end? Illegal immigration is written as just "immigration"... The list goes on and on. Thank God there is the electoral college. The founding fathers are much smarter than we thought. If there's no electoral college then CA + NY would win the election over the rest of the country. The smaller states will have zero say.

  • Yes, always coming up with ways gov should dictate how we all live.

    I believe ca and ny depend on gov like parents. Maybe out of necessity in a hyper urban area, i dont know? I dont have a problem with local gov making rules and laws that local constituents vote for. The problem arises when these urban think tanks, for whatever reason, presumed moral authority, mistaken intellectual superiority, think that knuckle dragging cons need a national law to regulate schools , health care, business, etc. Its extremely dangerous and makes me question the supposed "intellectual superiority" of urban populations. Keep it to yourselves, and beware of blind faith in the gov.

  • Yes they are

    Because I am a white Christian American, I am apparently a "racist, sexist,.....And the list goes on. But they can say whatever and they don't get in crap for it. Constantly spewing hate speech and turn everything into race war or political correctness, while it seems the republican are being discriminated against because I may not "believe" what they do. Sorry I don't want to burn my city down or go start a riot, which to me it seems what all these "protest" constantly start.

  • Idiotic liberal laws, regulations, and bans

    Yes and it's liberal rules and regulations hurt business and lose jobs! Not to mention idiotic bans that make no sense! Such as the plastic bag ban. It's ok to get plastic bags at stores as long as you pay 10 cents and that profit only benifits the store! I would more understand if the cost went towards the environment!

  • Yes, they are hypocritical of actual issues and stereotype the rest of the country far too often.

    I am a libertarian and have lived in Socal and San Fran. I feel like liberals are far too hypocritical when it comes to things like the environment, stereotyping white people as being racist "particularly southern" yet at the same time segregate cities and areas like Orange county from inner city LA, San Fran/Oakland, Manhattan/Bronx, send their kids to private schools etc. The want inclusion at the expense of communism far too often and need to move further right.

  • Two states do not represent the bulk of the American population

    It would be very biased to claim that the two states that support one's political views represent the typical American ideologies because I think every state, every walk of life should be taken into consideration because America has such a diverse set of opinions and values, that's what our wonderful nation is built on. Now, with a Governor who is so biased that he thinks those with differing views should leave THEIR own state, then it's hard not to picture the NY ELITE being radically left. But NY is not all about the elite and downstate, it's about all sides of the spectrum and maybe the traditional conservative rural folk in Upstate should given the same amount of respect (no more, no less) than the city. So, yes, I think NY's highest ranks in power are accepting a far-left regime and California has seen some of the most progressive movements that it borders on a Weather Underground-esque mindset but all are entitled to their opinion.

  • Is Texas or Florida(sometimes) too consertive?

    As a New Yorker living in Upstate, most- if not all of our national election are decided by NYC. That still doesn't mean that all of New Yorkers are strictly consertive. For example, many of our republican congressmen say they are for federal protections of the LGBT community, but disagree with same sex marriage( though the later is increasingly becoming political suicide in NY). However if a congressmen from Texas, they would think no federal or state protections are needed for LGBT. Another issue in nys is guns, where most agree that some protections are needed, but it's becoming too much. NYS has some of the biggest cities in this country, and as a whole, a state of immigrants and basically the handle of Americas melting pot. Though we have extremely consertives in NYS, it's just where our personal history has taken us.

  • They are not.

    I do not think California and New York are too liberal. They are anything but too liberal. They are just ahead of the curve, and more states will follow in what they are doing. This will only help but make the United States of America a more just and fair place.

  • New York and California represent the values of the majority of Americans.

    California and New York are home to two of the most populated cities in America. I think it is safe to say that they represent the way America is headed as far political and social values. Americans are not as conservative as they used to be in these changing times. They want to try new things to improve their country.

  • No, New York and California are not too Liberal, the rest of the country is too conservative

    New York and California may be viewed by some as being too Liberal, but this is not an accurate perception. Because the rest of the country is so becoming so radically conservative, moderate states like New York and California now seem Liberal by comparison. If the United States became more balanced overall, California and New York would seem nothing out of the ordinary.

  • New York and California are great

    California and New York aren't too liberal. And I'm glad to see they are two of the leading and most well known states in the United States. I wish we were all stereotyped as New Yorkers and people from California. Two amazing, progressive, innovates states with high quality of life.

  • No, California and New York are not too liberal.

    No, California and New York are not too liberal. The non-discrimination policies on marriage and adoption do prove that the residents of these states are very liberal. But the adoption of these policies does not make them any more liberal than states like Rhode Island, a state that also allows gay couples to marry and adopt. Saying that California and New York are too liberal would mean that other states have less liberal policies. California and New York are on par with other states when it comes to liberal policies.

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