• Jerry Brown is a Good Governor for California

    Jerry Brown is a lifelong Californian who was elected because he understands the many struggles that face California including the economy, education, agriculture, civil rights, and human rights. He has made good decisions thus far as governor that positively benefit the state as a whole as well as the various industries that help to drive California and shows no sign of slowing down in his quest to improve the state.

  • He balanced the budget

    Jerry Brown is by no means not a perfect person and has initiated policies that are not always seen in a good light, but he did help to balance the budget and get the state in a better economic position. He also is on the right sides on a lot of social issues.

  • Are you kidding with this question?

    The State is fraught with severe issues from the housing crisis in San Francisco, the homeless crisis in NorCal across the board to the central valley gangs to the San Fransisco racism issues (actually all of Northern California race issues) to the overall greed of the Tech industry impacting the area and people that are not even remotely involved in the tech industry. Jerry brown is ineffective, if he is even aware of ANY of the issues.

  • Jerry Brown was a mistake both times

    Jerry Brown was an awful Governor the first time and he has managed to be worse this time. His governorship is just one scandal after another and his latest "browdoggle." Getting a kick back from the train company who has the contract to build this low-speed rail project and then attempting to bypass the courts when questions about the funding source came to light is just the latest in a long history of corruption.

  • Governor Jerry Brown is lost.

    Governor Jerry Brown is a great man who has done many great things for his community. He is well traveled and well liked. He is enthusiastic about holding public office, and wants to get things done. However, I would be leery of a man who only seems to be successful at this level on the coattails of other great names. His unsuccessful reaches for the President's chair and even a Senate chair resulted in failure. There is a reason for that.

  • He is outdated

    Its very strange that in such a populous country only a few people are running or could possibly gain office. Jerry Brown is firmly entrenched in party politics - he's been governor before! - and people who are so hard entrenched in the political scene should be discouraged from running.

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