Do you think California Governor Jerry Brown's $68 billion price tag for high-speed rail is too high?

  • The state should not be building this.

    I'm a huge fan of rail travel, and a huge fan of Jerry Brown. But I think that this high speed rail is just a boondoggle. I doubt it will ever get built. If it does, it will probably not end up going near places people want to travel. Private industry should be building this thing. Not taxpayers!

  • It will help

    I think that this price was not to expensive for the new high speed rail, because before it was bought this governor had a team of experts working to see if this was a good idea to put into place or not. If he thinks it was a good idea than I would back him.

  • Saves Gas, Saves Congestion

    California's urban areas are some of the most congested places in the United States in terms of automobile traffic. If California can come up with an efficient high-speed rail system to save gas and cars on highways, then $68 billion is a bargain. Also, if just one life is saved by a reduction of car accidents on California's roads, then any amount of money is a good use of taxpayer dollars for high-speed rail.

  • No, I do not think California Governor Jerry Brown $68 billion price tag for high-speed rail is too high.

    I am in support of spending more on more and better public transportation. Better public transportation will encourage people to use it more than driving and will help out those are not fortunate enough to own a vehicle. Better public transportation can decrease the number of cars on the roads, which will decrease traffic and pollution.

  • Sounds Like A Reasonable Price

    I believe that California Governor Jerry Brown's $68 billion price tag for high-speed rail sounds reasonable, but the source of the funds would be an issue in my opinion. I believe California could benefit from high-speed rail, but each day the passes, I'm sure the total cost just keeps climbing.

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