Do you think California Governor Jerry Brown's "korgi cards" were appropriate during his 2014 State of the State address?

  • Yes, no harm was done.

    The governor's corgi cards were a bizarre tactic during the State of the State address. However they did no harm. Governor Brown and his wife footed the bill, and no state funds were used to print the cards. They are slightly distracting but are not harmful politically. Governor Brown was trying to keep thins fun and light hearted; a feat hard to accomplish when budgeting.

  • He relates with the people

    Yes, I think that the governors cards were appropriate during his state of the state address, because he is simply trying to use new ideas to relate to the people, and get the public to back him. All he is after is more votes, and these did not hurt his chances.

  • It was an object lesson.

    Yes, I think California Governor Jerry Brown's korgi cards were appropriate during his 2014 State of the State address, because they were just an object lesson for his position on the issue. Brown deserves a lot of credit for trying to find a way to connect with his people. He found a way to explain it in the people's terms.

  • A korgi card?

    A korgi card? Korgi cards? People are really scraping the bottom of the barrel today in politics, and Jerry brown is a surprise person to try these sort of new interpreations or strategies, considering he's quite old and has been in politics for literally decades - he should know better.

  • Jerry Brown's Cards: A Flop

    The use of props belongs in comedy. Using props other than graphs and charts is taken one of two ways. Either you think the audience is too dumb to understand your point, or you are. Props are almost always construed as something they are not, and the 'gotcha' photos usually end up as meme's on Facebook. Politicians should represent themselves as masters of speech-craft, or at least a novice. I would have fired whoever suggested that the cards were a good idea, Corgi or not.

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