Do you think California is prepared for the upcoming "fiercest storm in 5 years"?

  • California is ready

    Californians have always gone to California because they were looking for a challenge. From cowboys and prospectors to hippie flower children, to silicon valley hopeful-moguls, there's always been a spirit of adventure. They shrug off earthquakes and deal with wildfires. A simple storm isn't going to rattle your average Californian.

  • Yes, I believe that California is prepared for the upcoming "fiercest storm in 5 years".

    I believe that California is very much equipped to handle the upcoming "fiercest storm in 5 years". I believe that their response time to any kind of disaster has been honed to be quick and they have been trained to act without hesitation in preparation for a storm like this one. I have complete faith in what the first responders of California will be able to do.

  • California Storm Wathers

    Every storm in almost every previous year is said that it will be the worst on record. But, when all the damage is calculated, they end up being an almost benign storm. The same is to be said with the storm that is going to hit in California. California should be prepared for this storm. While it is always great to be prepared, we must be cautious not to run away before every storm that comes our way.

  • No California isn't prepared for storm

    No, I don't believe California is prepared for this storm that is being termed the "fiercest in 5 years." Lets face it, over the past several years California has made dramatic cuts to state employment and infrastructure support in an effort to get out of debt. How will it be prepared for a storm with a lack of manpower and a weakened infrastructure? It won't.

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