Do you think Calvin Coolidge was one of America's greatest presidents?

Asked by: Dishwasher
  • Small Government Conservative???

    Pretty much gets my support uncritically. I tried pretty hard to justify a "No" vote, but couldn't really find anything to play devil's advocate with. The guy was on point and pretty much idolized by Republicans and Conservatives alike.
    I don't think he would relate to our current partisan nonsense, but I would love to see a politician embody his character and effort. I'd say Ted Cruz is pretty close, but time will be the judge of that.

  • A Principled Man

    On June 2, 1924, Coolidge signed the Indian Citizenship Act, which granted full U.S. Citizenship to all American Indians, while permitting them to retain tribal land and cultural rights. However, the act was unclear on whether the federal government or the tribal leaders retained tribal sovereignty.
    Coolidge repeatedly called for anti-lynching laws to be enacted, but most Congressional attempts to pass this legislation were filibustered by Southern Democrats.

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