Do you think cancer cures will be painless and mainstream within 10 years?

  • Immunotherapy-The Light shedding towards a cure

    It's the heat in the cancer research.Researchers are working hard to do more research.Clinical trials had many positive results.And FDA has approved it but oncologists need more research.Within 7 years you will see this treatment as the main treatment.And the maximum pain you will get is equal to a blood test and a vaccine...3 years and it will be available everywhere.10 years to go,afterall only time determines things

  • Yes, I believe science is very close to new painless cancer cures.

    Yes, I feel very strongly that cancer cures will be painless and mainstream within ten years. According to recent news stories, scientists are working on engineering cells that will be programmed to attack and destroy cancer cells in the body. Once this process is successful, it will put an end to chemotherapy and the terrible effect it has on a person. Cancer cures will become as simple as visiting the doctor or hospital to have programmed cells introduced to the cancers site.

  • Cancer Has Been Around for Centuries

    The oldest known description and surgical treatment of cancer was discovered in Egypt and dates back to approximately 1600 BC. I do not believe finding a cure is that cut and dry or a cure would have been discovered by now. There are treatments but they are anything but painless. Hopefully someday a painless and mainstream cure will be found. However, I do not look for it to be in the next ten years or even the next one hundred years.

  • No, we are far from cure.

    There is no cure for cancer of any type that is going to be found in ten years. If instead the question refers to treatments, which is a better word, then in 10 years we still are not going to have mostly painless ones because this disease needs powerful antidotes that react harshly with the body.

  • We don't have a cure yet.

    No, I do not think that cancer cures will be painless and mainstream within 10 years, because we do not have a cure. There is not even talk from science that a cure is in the works. All we can do is mitigate the damage. With as painful as treatments still are, it is very optimistic to think that we will be totally free of painful treatments in such a short period of time.

  • Cancer cures will not be painless and mainstream within 10 years.

    Although there are many efforts to cure cancer, it is unlikely that there will be a cure in the next 10 years. Cancer is not a single disease, but a collection of conditions under one name. Some cancers can be treated in different ways, but there will never be a silver bullet for all of them.

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