• Yes, declaration of campaign gifts promotes transparency

    Candidates should be forced to declare campaign gifts because it allows the voting public to accurately see who backs each candidate. As a result, voters will be able to determine if they agree with what the backers stand for. This promotes a culture of transparency in our democracy: we can see where campaign money comes from and make a more educated decision about the candidates' views based on who their financial supporters are.

  • Yes, we want to know all about it

    The candidates should declare campaign gifts, if I'm not mistaken they already do. There are forms they have to fill out and turn in, so I believe this a moot point. The public, like myself, are nosy and need to know who supports who and how far are they willing to go. So by all means declare those gifts so we know what the price is for a given candidate.

  • All donations to political campaigns should be declared

    I think the candidates and political parties organizing campaigns and having the population donate to them should declare all the gifts they receive from the electorate. Because corporations prey on the politicians, gifts are given to candidates to court them to give contracts if they win the elections. It is corruption at its basic level.

  • Candidates are hiding campaign gifts!

    Yes, I feel that candidates should be forced to declare campaign gifts. Unfortunately society has become a place where a nice gesture has more of an ulterior motive to the giver than the receiver. It is sad that a simple gift cannot be just a simple gift, especially when the receiver is in a position of influence.

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