• I shit myself daily

    Ad a child my father touched me and I low key liked it ;b for an entire year I only removed myself in the kitchen sink, I found out my garbage disposal had committed suicide. So of course I believe in capitalism, There is no other way
    To put it.

  • Capitalism is the only system that can really get the world out of poverty. Just ask Obama.

    No other way of organizing human effort has ever produced so much wealth and advancement for all people in human history.
    The billions of decisions that need to be made every day to keep the world running can't be centrally planned, Even in a world with computers. They are best made by the people right there in the situation.
    The dreamy communism of Marx and Engels will never be achieved because their step of a dictatorship of the proletariat will always be a snag.
    Capitalism allows workers to become capitalists through retirement savings and direct investment.
    Imagine if a team of McDonald's employees got together and bought a restaurant and ran it together. They would be the capitalists and be able to reap all of the benefits themselves. It's possible and it is beautiful.

  • Capitalism shits on socialism, Not even close

    Successful Capitalists are innovative, Successful, Hardworking, Smart, Wealthy, Provide value to their communities with goods and services. Successful Socialists are envious, Lazy, Stupid, Power-hungry, Or evil - typically some mix of all - and require the existence of smarter, Better people to fund their short-sighted redistribution products. In short FUCK Socialism, And may every willing socialist die of starvation in a country far from mine.

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  • Capitalism the only just system

    While a mixed economy is needed (as the economy will always balloon and deflate) Capitalism far outweighs any other economic system in pros instead of cons.

    - It is fair and just
    - It encourages innovation
    - It provides choice and freedom on expression
    - It is a check and balance system on the largest scale

    No economic system can limit the greedy, The corrupt. No economic system can turn a society into a utopia purely because it's fair (much like socialism, Except that socialism is forced fairness with government intervention 100% of the time). It's unfeasible. A better question would be "how to return morals to the common person" not "can we distribute wealth easier"

  • The role of the government is to just provide us a safe playground, Not to regulate every single small thing

    That is what capitalism is about really. The government provides us the essential. Healthcare, Education and safety and etc. NOT FREE MIND YOU. But just the essentials. Then we use those essentials to build our lives on and work hard. Capitalism rewards those who can contribute to the society. If you work hard and climb through the ranks, Sooner or later, You will earn big bucks too. Capitalism is the equality of opportunity. Socialism is the equality of outcome. Think carefully what of America was meant to be. The land of opportunities, Or the land of no income equality. Income equality sounds horrible right? Yeah sure, Sounds nice. Where everybody earns the same and is equally poor. Sounds like paradise to me.

    Also, Sweden Denmark or whatever countries you guys pull out of your ass, Aren't socialist countries. They are countries with a capitalist market. They just have socialist programs that's it. You might be thinking, Well free healthcare is still moral, . . . Right? No. Free healthcare =/ Freedom of healthcare. Where do you think the government gets the funding to give everyone free healthcare comes from. From the rich? What if the rich runs broke? Now who do we take from? That's right, Everybody. Your tax rates are going to sky rocket. Which is what Sweden Denmark and Norway is essentially. Their tax rate for someone who's earning 60k per year is. . . . Wait for it. 60. 4%. Now think of all of the illegal immigrants that is coming into the country. They can use our free healthcare right? Isn't that moral. No. Your tax rates are already going to be so stifling high that you would feel naturally unfair that your tax payer dollars goes to pay for these people's healthcare when they don't even belong to this country. Now. . . Why do you want open borders again?

    This argument is highly biased and might have a few mistakes in them. Cheers

  • Encourages individual effort through initiative and energy

    Capitalism gives anyone with a work ethic, Talent and good idea a chance to make something of themselves. Pure capitalism is often a mistake, As there needs to be some regulation to protect the overall economy and a safety net at the bottom, But both of these are boundaries that promote growth within a capitalistic system, And the results are often unattainable by other forms of economics.

  • A mix of capitalism and socialism

    An economic system that works on capitalism encourages growth and rewards hard work and those who are willing to innovate or work for what they want. Some restrictions may be needed to prevent a complete monopoly, but only one that furthers but not hinders growth. Some socialistic ideas like free healthcare and basic education should most definetely be carried on. Those who have a problm with free healthcare because they have a slightly larger tax lack a generous heart, but those who want a complete communist world where all live and earn the same despite their difference in hard work have no brain. The should be a balance. Australia seems to be going okay so far....

  • It is the best

    Capitalism is a great system. It’s an opportunistic system and allows achievers to flourish and be rewarded for doing so. Communism and socialism are for the envious who haven’t made the best decisions in life so have the attitude that “if I cannot live this lifestyle, no one else can.” It’s laughable really.

  • Control. Balance. Growth

    It is a great practice because of the features it involves, like entrepreneurship, property, competition. We must of course consider a balance in our ideology. Both, socialism and capitalism are extreme sides of the balance. As an economic system, capitalism is the best, but as a moral ideology, we must think twice about it. There is no such thing as pure capitalism, we need government manipulation, otherwise it would be a mess.

  • No, I Don't

    No, I do not find the capitalist system to the be the best economic system. This system has supported terrible customer service from companies. This system has upheld businesses over consumers. This system supports the plethora of ads a person is subjected to on a daily basis. This system has left people with nothing.

  • Hell no. It's the worst for the mid/low classes and the environment.

    Corporations only care about profit. And it's been proven that it will get it at all cost. Global Warming, The destruction of the middle class in North America etc. Are the most recent examples that come to mind.

    Ideal conditions for capitalist corporations are high net profit and low expenses. Government regulations, Unions etc. Stifle that.

    The Nordic countries are proof that socialism is better for the people and the planet.

  • No it's not

    The doom of capitalism can be understood by these very facts - we have advanced so much in producing abilities for goods and services yet we can find abject poverty, Crime, Health care and education services unavailability, Prostitution, Environmental degradation etc. In most developed nations of world. With our current state of producing abilities we are able to satisfy everybody needs yet the whole production and distribution system work for just profit maximization thus antithetical to very human need.

  • Anything would be better

    - crapitalism is amoral, Authoritarian, And without responsibility for the actions or suffering it causes.
    - it distinctly separates us into classes, With more divisional lines for us to fight about, Have/have nots, Race, Etc
    - crapitalism is not about the people, It only works in the benefit for a few, And ignores those in real trouble. Capitalism creates so much unneeded suffering.
    - it's shortsighted. It never accounts for long term sustainability or preservation.
    - it creates a necessity for neverending war.
    - it excels as a system of exploitation (wealth and power redistribution to the top).
    - it has an overwhelming lack of social mobility.
    - capitalism breeds racism. Richard Spencer terms the new white supremacist movement as "identity politics", Because of how many poor whites there are.

  • Capitalism puts money over the well being and best interest of the people. It`s not a just system.

    How hard you work is irrelevant in a capitalist economy, loopholes are what is relevant, giving your soul for money is the only way to move up in class, what you're passionate about does not matter, its all about the money, its unfair, its sick. Socialism has its downsides because you cant earn more money no matter how hard you try to and how much effort you put in your job, that is an oppressive system of economics, what we need is for people to get paid based on the importance, effort and value of their job, the more you work the more you make regardless the industry or job position you have, if you can manage to improve you should be earning more.

  • There could be something so much better

    If an economic system is based purely on competition and working for one's self, then many people will fall behind regardless of their work ethic and intelligence. One characteristic of capitalism, especial in the forms we have seen in so far, is the nature of companies to form in a hierarchical fashion with mass share holders, and boards of directors (who are chosen by these mass share holders) at the top, and the average worker at the bottom. In this system it is vastly undemocratic, and is unfair to the worker because in order to become a mass share holder you need a lot of money to buy millions of shares. So essentially in capitalism with the shares system you can't rise to prominence in a company unless you have enough money to buy a lot of shares, or get on the good side of those immensely rich share holders.
    So instead of this capitalist system, you could have one where workers communally own these companies. Instead of the share holder controlling what the workers do and how a company is run, the workers would elect people to the board of directors to represent their interests. This economic system would not be one run top down like capitalism, or totalitarian socialism as it was in the Soviet Union, instead it would be run bottom up. This idea could be combined with universal health care, and education, as well as government bodies meant to insure companies followed through with this plan to abolish shares and create democratic workplaces, and you would have a far better system than capitalism. And that is just one possible better system than capitalism.

  • It is always a question of balance. Pure socialism or capitalism don't really work alone . Unemployment should be banned.

    Capitalism needs to be controlled such, that it always serves the social imperative. There is nothing wrong with some being better off than others, providing some limit upon personal wealth can be agreed as just. Some people will always be broke at the end of the day they need firm help.

  • Capitalism promotes greed.

    I don't mind having people that like money make money but when they start to think they are entitled to more of everything and don't need to follow rules then pure capitalist does not seem the best way to run a country. I think there needs to be a balance between making money and taking care of the planet. Capitalist seems to promote money making at the expense of justice and fair play in all aspects of life on this planet.

  • Too many downsides

    Capitalism WAS a good 'fire starter' in 19th century. It's 2018 and our world is smart enough to come up with better alternatives. We should warn those pyromaniacs that it's dangerous and self-destructive. Our future needs more stability. We created too much tension and stress in our society with capitalism. It's time to rethink on this prolonged discussion.

  • Does it good for every country?

    Capitalism ruined Russian economy in 1900's and workers have very bad development in their tiny homes. Even Tsar was more fair than the capitalists. Also does "free, capitalist country" bombing one democratic but not capitalist country named Serbia and Montenegro with low-powered uranium?! You Americans don't know what capitalists do to workers and what your army really doing...

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