Do you think carmakers have learned anything from recall fiascoes of decades past?

  • Yes, I believe car makers have learned many lessons from recalls in the past decades.

    I believe car makers have paid close attention to all the recalls that have happened in the past decades and have taken steps to prevent these issues from re-occurring, however as cars get more and more advanced more new issues will start to pop up that will require recalls and there is little way to foresee it happening in advance.

  • No They Haven't

    I do not believe car makers have learned anything from recall fiasco's of decades past. They are a business like any other. They're trying to make the cars as cheaply as possible so they can maximize profits when they are sold to the consumer. Given the large decline in quality over the years, I would say they are profiting quite nicely while only recalling things when they are pressured by the government.

  • Car companies don't care

    These car manufacturers only care about one thing and that is the money that they can make off of the population. Even with recalls these companies are still making millions of dollars. This is due to the fact that not everyone listens to the recall and they keep their car. These companies will continue to put out cars and if it cost to much to fix a problem then to go to the market then they will always go to market.

  • They were bailed out.

    No, I do not think that car makers have learned anything from recall fiascos of decades past, because no one is making them be financially responsible. If a car needs to be recalled, the financial hit does not matter, because the government will step in and bail out the car company.

  • No I don't think so.

    I do not think that car makers have learned much, if anything, from any past recall experiences. I think that their focus is still going to be on cutting costs and maximizing profits. It is just easier for them to wait until problems arise after the car is released and then deal with them.

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