• Is this even a real question?

    Carrie Underwood _obviously_ has a sense of humor. She is just more laid back and relaxed, even shy around people. Just because she isn't laughing over every single little thing doesn't mean she doesn't have a sense of humor. Her humor is more relaxed a subtle compared to other people

  • Carrie Underwood has a great sense of humor

    Yes, I think Carrie Underwood has a sense of humor. Having viewed interviews of Carrie Underwood and having followed her story during her time on American Idol, I believe she is a very down to earth young woman. She has a strong faith, but also does not take life to seriously and is able to laugh about the comical elements of life and her celebrity status.

  • Carrie Underwood Has a Sense of Humor

    When giving examples of persons with great sense of humor Carrie Underwood comes as a handy option. The ridiculous situation Carrie had on stage couple of months ago, and the follow-up she choose to make a laugh of it, is an excellent depict of crisis management via humor. Other famous people choose to ignore, but not Carrie. She even promoted her easygoing-self in several shows and interviews when going back again and again to that awkward situation with fun and smile.

  • Yes, I think she's funny.

    Yes, I think Carrie Underwood has a sense of humor. I think she's funny. At first I thought she was kind of uptight and rigid, but she ended up being funny, which is cool. She seems pretty down to earth, which makes her relatable, and people will like her a lot more when they find out she's funny.

  • No, lines nails on a chalkboard

    I feel that Carrie Underwood tries to come off funny and it backfires. I find everything she does too scripted and she puts way to much into it and it comes off as fake. I don't enjoy watching her on the award show and wish they would replace her. If you have to try that hard then you should just stop.

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