• Cars could be much more efficient

    I'm not saying I dont like going fast but in all reality if cars were made with the same
    Performance that had 20 years ago you could achieve 60mpg. I drive an 89 mini truck that's is rated at 100hp it's also carburated. It's just fast enough to go highway speeds. Modern cars are at least 150 horse power.If cars were made to only 100 horse power today the gas milleage would be incredible enough to free is from importing oil.

  • The speeds are unreasonable

    The speed limit in a lot of areas at its highest is 80. Why do cars have top speeds of 160 or 180? It seems unreasonable, especially since almost nobody in their lifetime (except stock car racers) needs to go above 100. The speeds are just way too much and unnecessary.

  • Its called innovation, and fun.

    I drive a 2008 BMW m3 a fairly fast car (nothing absurd). I enjoy having power and accelerating fast. Its fun, enjoyable, and so long as your car is built for it, safe. The porsche 918 has nearly 900 Horsepower and can get fantastic fuel economy. The future is important, as is innovation, lets not regress.

  • Cars are cooler than me

    Cars are cool fast awesome why not go the highest speed you can go it would be awesome and fun my dad drives a doge challenger hemi 1980 and it goes really really fast i like it alot and it is also really fun to ride in at night it looks really cool.

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