• Paparazzi; what rights do they deserve?

    Paparazzi is a business run by sexism and pop culture. There are no excuses for what they say in the outrageous headlines of magazines. Common celebrities doing normal things are being shamed or idolized. Shaming a woman for wearing a bathing suit because she’s “too fat” or “too old” is outrageous. It makes these paparazzi seem inhumane but of course, It’s for money. We all need to provide for families so sometimes it isn’t right to shame a worker for following through on the absurd commands of their boss.
    Do they deserve rights? Of course, They’re humans and all humans deserve equal rights. But they are not to be given privileges, Such as pushing beyond the privacy of celebrities or even outing a celebrity. Paparazzi have the right to free speech, They have the right to believe whatever they want and print such. But, They do not have the right to exclude the existence of privacy to find what they want to speak of. It is a paid job, Although strange and unreasonable. Paparazzi is on the brink of stalking and is being paid for it. I don’t condone of such a bad job, And I don’t buy magazines so they can profit from such atrocious actions considering paparazzi ruins the mental health of celebrities. Human rights are reserved for the employees of this job, But I refuse to give them extended rights for such a thing. - Maya Womack, Class of 2022

  • Yes absolutely they should.

    It is one thing when a public figure is out in public on the street, but at their home, or in private establishments, or even driving in a car where it can be danger to the public or to the individual... That is crossing the line of US line that says that someone has the right to be free from unwarranted public scrutiny or exposure. In what world is it okay to stalk someone incessantly or unsafely... And even more so, when that person is a minor. Celebrity minors or children of celebrities should really be off limits.

  • The same as anyone else.

    Yes, I think that celebrities have rights regarding paparazzi, and those rights are no different than any of us have for our privacy of person. If a celebrity is attacked, that should be charged as assault and battery. If a celebrity stalks, that should also be considered punishable under the law.

  • Yes they sure do

    Yes, these people are snakes in the grass they will take a photo anyway they can. They are constantly lying, and making up gossip stories about the celebrities and they have to fight with their publicists to get rid of the negative attention. They should be able to sue the photographer and have them put in jail for violating their privacy. Nobody wants their pictures to be taken 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We should treat them like they are normal human beings.

  • Yes, celebs have rights regarding the paparazzi.

    I think that celebrities do have rights when it comes to the paparazzi. I think that it also depends on the situation. A paparazzi has the right to photograph a celebrity when he or she is out in public because they are a public figure. But there are limits to where they can photograph them.

  • No, if you are a celebrity, the paparazzi are a fact of life.

    No, I don't think celebrities have rights regarding paparazzi.There's been a lot in the news about celebrities lashing out at the paparazzi. I think they should be aware that they have the paparazzi to thank for a large part of their fame. If it wasn't for the paparazzi, and the media keeping them front and center in the public eye, they wouldn't be celebrities. They wanted the life with fame and fortune and the paparazzi come with it.

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