Do you think cell phones, iPodes, video games and such should be allowed in camps?

  • Good Luck Taking Them Out

    Each camp should institute their own rules for campers and those that participate. If I were to set up such a program I wouldn't want them there, but all I can say is, good luck to those who want to actually deny the access to these items. Kids and teens are addicted to these things and they will scream bloody murder if you try to limit their access.

  • Yes, I think cell phones,iPods, videos and such should be allowed in camps.

    I think in today's society where technology and communication is very important then bringing it to a remote camp somewhere should be allowed, as long as sufficient time is dedicated to enjoying the campgrounds and activities I think it is fine to bring those electronic devices with you since they are so useful.

  • Gadgets should be allowed at camp.

    Gadgets like cell phones, iPods, and video game players are now fundamentally hard wired into the way that we communicate with one another and spend our free time. It is important that we then keep these devices in the social fabric of the camp experience, to better consider what makes camp a different place than the real world.

  • Leave technology behind

    The entire point of camps, and I believe we are talking specifically about youth camps here, is to support some sort of communal growth, and with the high emphasis on technological alternatives to communication in modern youth culture, not allowing these items to be brought into camps will encourage communal growth.

  • That is not camp.

    No, I do not think that cell phones, iPods, video games and such should be allowed in camps, because that is not why parents send their children to camp. Parents send their children to camp so that they can get away from all of that stuff and enjoy the nature around them.

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