• Of course they are.

    There is a reason majorities exist, and although genocide has a lot to do with it, we cannot ignore that the more beautiful, attractive ethnicities tend to be sought out by the less attractive ones, which is why raping and pillaging is so common when wars are fought between tribes. Not only that, but a lot more sex between cultures of sexually attractive people naturally happens.

  • We are all beautiful.

    No, I do not believe that certain ethnicities are more attractive than others, because there are people who are more and less attractive in each ethnicity. We are all beautiful; God made us so. There is a new movement to take more selfies, because God made us all beautiful no matter our race.

  • The attractiveness of person depends on who is looking

    No, I do not believe that certain ethnicities are more attractive than others. I do believe that beauty, and in this case, attractiveness, is in the eye of the beholder. What one may consider attractive the other may consider ugly and vice versa. It is not in my realm to judge what is or is not attractive for any ethnic group, not even my own.

  • Not In Large Groups

    I do not believe certain ethnicity's are more attractive than others. I believe each ethnicity has the capability of producing humans that are aesthetically pleasing to all ethnicity's. I can't think of any circumstance where I can blindly throw people into a large group and say definitively that the group is superior in any given way. That's not how nature works.

  • Everyone is Unique

    In every ethnicity, there are certain people who are attractive and certain people who are less attractive. A person's attractiveness is a very subjective qualification. So, while a person may be more attracted to a larger percentage of people in a given enthnicity, the ethnicity itself is not more attractive than others.

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