Do you think charges should have been filed against R&B artist Chris Brown following an alleged fight?

  • Charges should have been filed.

    Fighting is not appropriate. I think anyone caught fighting in public should be arrested. It sets a bad example for our young ones by telling them physically harming someone is alright. I think adults should set an example for our youth and act responsibly and be accounted for our actions.

  • Chris Brown does need to control his temper

    I thought he had finally got his anger issues under control but if this is true about this fight apparenlty not. So, if charges were brought against him it might be the wake up call that he needs for finally pull it together. He needs to get his anger in check and figure out how to keep from becoming violent.

  • Chris Brown has be paid enough for his crime

    Yes, Chris Brown was wrong for beating Rhianna. Yes, he should have been punished, and he was! This recent controversy is the equivalent of a modern day witch hunt. People are looking for reasons for Chris Brown to further be punished for a crime he committed years ago, and if the other person involved isn't pressing charges, than Chris Brown should be left alone.

  • Noit was a fight

    I am not sure of the circumstances around this incident, but unless a few guys pounded one dude or chris brown nearly beat a guy to death then no, no charges should be filed. If two guys had a lil scrap with eachother and it was left at that, then let that be the end of it.

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