• Charlie Sheen sober

    When he hits a horrible bottom he will seek a relationship with his creator because the pain of addiction will become greater than the relief drugs and alcohol provide. He will hit that place of undefineable fears and great physical and mental pain that addiction generates, he is not unique and the path addiction goes down the same alley, his money will mean nothing when he cant get out of the spiral of addiction.

  • Unfortunalely, Charlie Sheen will never be clean and sober.

    Charlie Sheen has been out of control with his drug and alcohol abuse for years. He lives a very unpredictable lifestyle with drugs,partying, and women seemingly non stop. The worst part is that he is very wealthy and has the financial means to keep up his destructive lifestyle.Sadly, he most likely won't stop until it's too late.

  • No, he probably won't.

    Like most people who have substance abuse problems, or any addiction, really, they usually fall into the rut of using again. Even when one is clean for many years, there are many relapses along the way. So I think Charlie will keep himself cleaner, but not completely. There will be pitfalls.

  • Sheen will have life-long addiction issues

    Charlie Sheen will never be fully clean and sober. He lives in Hollywood and is surrounded by celebrities that indulge in drugs. In addition, he throws and attends parties that serve alcohol. This makes recovering from addictions not impossible, but next to impossible. Judging by the star's record, I would be hard-pressed to say he would be successful.

  • I doubt it.

    I really don't think that Charlie Sheen will ever be "clean and sober" to a point that the general public will deem acceptable. I also don't think he has that much of a problem with drugs and alcohol. It's just that America really cannot stand men who are assertive and unrepentant when it comes to voicing unpopular opinions.

  • Hooked on drugs

    No, I do not think that Charlie Sheen will ever be clean and sober. He has been abusing drugs and alcohol for a long time now, and by this age he will have his mind set that he does not want to stop, and does not want help trying to stop.

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