• Why wouldn't he?

    Charlie Sheen is already using his notoriety for supporting roles in television shows and films alike, and his new show on FX, Anger Management, is still running. The fact of the matter is, he will never be a lead with the same starring power he did in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but not many actors from that era have that sort of draw. If anything, his stock has risen.

  • Career Remains Strong

    I believe there is a possibility that Charlie Sheen will be in more movies in the future. The real question is rather or not there are producers and directors who are willing to work with him. Despite Charlie Sheen's rocky personal life, it is clear that his talent shines through.

  • Charlie Sheen will star in movies again.

    It is likely that Charlie Sheen will star in movies again in the future. In spite of his public drug abuse, he remains a well known personality. He is still a well loved actor and many people would watch him in a film. No one is perfect, and the public is willing to forgive him.

  • I don't think he wants to anymore.

    I believe that Charlie Sheen is quite happy where he is, as one of the highest paid TV stars. There is no real reason for him to risk his career on a bad movie when his TV shows are some of the highest grossing on the air. He has too much to lose and not enough to gain.

  • People do not like him.

    No, I do not think that Charlie Sheen will ever star in movies again, because people do not approve of him and the way he has lived his live. Charlie Sheen is someone to gawk at. But people do not like that he uses drugs. He is not who people want as a role model in the form of a movie star.

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