• In a different form

    There are certain subcultures seeping into society that has made what we consider to be cheating acceptable. It's not like cheating was ever not normal, it was just quiet, hidden, and relegated solely to men. Now there are such things as open relationships, which are borrowed from other, non-straight subcultures, to normalize this practice for those who wish to pursue it.

  • Yes, cheating is the new norm.

    As sad it sounds, it seems like cheating is the new norm. Whether it's cheating on a spouse, or cheating on a test, there doesn't seem to be as much stigma to it as there was before. It seems like that in this day and age, people do not really care about being guilty for cheating.

  • People want it to be

    No, I do not think that cheating is the new norm. I also do not believe that it will ever be a norm. This a dishonest and hurtful act and most will not accept this type of action whether it is in a relationship, academics, or business for that matter.

  • not at all

    no, i do not think that the norm is cheating at all. I think that it is still seen as a real bad thing, and that a lot needs to be done in a couple to make sure that you do not want to ever go and cheat on any one.

  • No cheating is not the new norm.

    I don't think you'll any group of adults who condone cheating as a normal fact of life. As a society we still punish cheaters, both legally and socially. While the pressures to succeed have cause more instances of cheating to happen, those who get caught still suffer the penalties for their actions and their reputations are tarnished as well.

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